Handson with the closest wireless charger we may see to AirPower, now in black

After Apple canceled AirPower, another company picked up the idea and brought something very similar to market a few months later called AirUnleashed. With the same design as AirPower and wireless charging for three devices, including Apple Watch, AirUnleashed likely hit a number of checkboxes for Apple customers. Now the company is back with a limited black edition and we’ve been able to test it out.

If you didn’t catch coverage of AirUnleashed when the white version launched this past summer, here are a few details to fill you in.

The product definitely delivers on the AirPower design and seamless charging of three devices at a time. It’s also one of the few devices to hide the Apple Watch charging puck, which is nice.

In addition to the overall design of AirUnleashed cloning AirPower, you also get a suede-style finish on the bottom with a leather-style finish on the top that mimics what AirPower likely would have had.