Helpful iOS Keyboard Recommendation For Typing Faster On iPhone

Unlike common belief, acquiring one of the most from your cell phone isn’t really exclusively dependent on downloading and install ratings of apps and games. Usually, it’s the smaller quirks and features that help to make the process of utilizing a platform that little more pleasant. Apple has made a number of changes to its keyboard recently, substantially improving things with the iOS 8 configuration, but while autocorrect mightn’t be the scourge of an iOS customer’s life as it as soon as was, there are still means you could learn how to kind more efficiently. Here, we give one obscure tip that’ll have you speed-typing in no time at all.

This idea was sent in by among our visitors, and connects to easily typing in numbers or symbols connected with their respective letters on the keyboard without the have to completely change interfaces.


It’s sensible to assume that most, when typing in a number or symbol on iOS, will certainly seek advice from the ‘123’ button, enter their number or special personality, and lastly hit ‘123’ once more to return and proceed with common typing. However instead of remain to used on your own to this approach, there’s a quicker, less painstaking way to switch between letters and symbols/ numbers.

The much easier way via this day-to-day scenario is to just press and hold the ‘123’ button, and while continuouslying keep your finger weighed down, dragging it towards your number or symbol. When you raise your finger, you’ll be back to regular keying, and if you enter this excellent behavior, you’ll save boatloads of time when emailing, message, or making notes on your device.


If you currently found out about this, after that you’re in the loved one minority, and no matter for how long you’ve been making use of iOS devices, it’s simple to miss these straightforward functions if you start taking the longer path and become embeddeded in your methods.

It took the wider iOS neighborhood quite a while to latch over that a double-tap of the change button on the keyboard produces a caps lock effect, and I’ll willfully admit to as soon as having been amongst the unaware bulk that would hold shift with one finger while trying to type my uppercase in at the exact same time.

Mentioning shift, you could also use the same symbol/ number technique to rapidly capitalize a letter while keying; rather than tapping on shift, simply hold on it, drag to an alphabet and launch. A take advantage of personality will be put to the content area with relative ease.


So, if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we do wish that this has actually assisted you out, and as ever, make sure to leave your comments listed below!

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