Here’s how the iPhone 8 status bar will accommodate the notch

The leaked firmware today continues to bear fruit. The iPhone 8, set to be announced on Tuesday, features a near bezel-less display with a cutout notch for front camera, earpiece and sensors. Now, Guilherme Rambo has found exactly how that will work.

As well as splitting the status bar items in two, with time on the left side, the new status bar also has slick animations to transition between states. Video after the jump …

The new screenshots confirm what we had heard before. The left side of the status bar will feature the system clock time, with the right side primary displaying WiFi, cellular signal strength and battery life.

The location indicator is situated to the right of the time.

There are new animations that perform smooth transitions between all the various states the status bar can take.

The battery life indicator pushes sideways to reveal the charging indicator (simultaneously hiding the WiFi and signal bars).

It turns out that every update like this is animated. At least on the iPhone 8, the status bar will be very build and smooth as it hides and shows new icons.

When apps use navigation bars, the title bar content will pushed downwards to stay out of the way of the notch region.

Update: Steven Troughton-Smith follows up with a simulation of the new iPhone 8 status bar when an app is recording or actively tracking your location. On current iPhones, the bar becomes double-height and displays a textual message.

On the iPhone 8, it appears Apple will apply a more subtle background effect to the left side of the status bar.

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