HomePod: Imagining a future family of smart speakers [Concept]

HomePod is finally almost here, but will one size truly fit all or could we eventually see a whole family of smart speakers from Apple? Keeping with true Apple tradition, this is naturally the moment to wonder and ask: what about HomePod 2 and new variants? Check out our concepts below:

While Apple could easily just maker larger and smaller versions of HomePod with varying levels of sound quality, it’s more fun to imagine other possibilities for future HomePods.

HomePod as we know it today will likely stick around without any form factor change needed, although we could see Apple toying around with the $349 price, offering more Siri features, and maybe even introducing different color options … like gold and silver.

For HomePod to evolve into a full lineup of smart speakers, Apple would need to introduce larger and smaller versions. Let’s call these HomePod Plus and HomePod Express.

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HomePod Plus needs to be different enough from the original HomePod and a possible HomePod 2, but Apple could still stick to the same form factor for the most part. Taking the cylinder shape and going wider could create new opportunities for bigger and louder sound while still maintaining HomePod’s relatively compact size.

Imagine HomePod Plus as something like to two HomePods in one body. If you really want to get creative, you could take advantage of the wider form factor by making the top surface an AirPower-style wireless charger for your iPhone.

Apple could even appeal to speaker heads who aren’t satisfied with HomePod’s lack of I/O by saving line-in and LAN connectivity for the more expensive version. HomePod Plus could be a true Sonos Play:5 killer.

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