Hot Wheels id brings cars into 21st century, exclusively at Apple 9to5Toys

Hot Wheels is likely a toy that you either played with as a kid or still have many of now. I still have quite the collection hidden somewhere in the attic, but enough about me. For the longest time, Hot Wheels have stayed just cars on a track (or in the air). Pieces of metal on wheels, nothing more, nothing less. Now, with Hot Wheels id, the iconic toy is entering the 21st century. Hot Wheels id is a new system that brings together both physical and digital play and is available exclusively from Apple.

Hot Wheels id brings the iconic toy to the 21st century

Hot Wheels id isn’t a completely new toy. It’s more of an extension of an existing platform, taking what Hot Wheels is known for and adding in some new features. There are four parts to the new Hot Wheels id setup:

How do all of these things work together to make Hot Wheels a toy that kids today will love? Let’s break it down.

Hot Wheels id’s new premium die-cast cars

These new cars have the same original look as normal Hot Wheels vehicles, but with some extra high-tech features. Built into each car is an NFC tag that stores its performance data and makes it uniquely identifiable. Once you scan the car into the app, you’ll be able to keep tabs on more than just what its performance data is, however. Through the app, you’ll even be able to record speed and more around the track.

hot wheels id cars apple

Hot Wheels id’s Race Portal

You’ll use the Hot Wheels id Race Portal to scan your Hot Wheels id vehicles into the app, records speeds, count laps, and more. It connects with classic Hot Wheels tracks, meaning if you’ve already got a plethora of road purchased, it’s still usable.

hot wheels id race portal

Hot Wheels id Smart Track Kit

The Hot Wheels id Smart Track Kit brings an all-new design to the classic Hot Wheels track you know and love that’s built to boost speed while enhancing racing, jumping, and crashing. It’ll also work with the new Race Portal and Hot Wheels id cars to record the total distance traveled by your vehicles, storing the information in the app.

hot wheels id smart track kit

Hot Wheels id App

The app is where everything really comes together. You’ll store your vehicles in a virtual garage, allowing you to show off your collection anywhere you go. You’ll also be able to compete against friends in hundreds of challenges in digital races as you jump, crash, and level up on your phone.

Hot Wheels id Apple App

Hot Wheels id pricing and availability

A single Hot Wheels id car will be $6.99, the Race Portal is $39.99, and the Smart Track Kit will set you back $179.99. The app, however, is completely free.

Hot Wheels id will be available exclusively from, in select Apple Stores, and through the app.

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