How to check for AirPods Pro stock at Apple, Amazon, Best Buy

If you didn’t pick up AirPods Pro when they launched, you might be having a tough time finding them. Follow along for a look at how to check AirPods Pro stock at Apple Stores, Amazon, Best Buy, and more to get a pair without waiting for weeks.

AirPods Pro availability was quite good when they launched at the end of October. However, shipping times have slipped and in-store stock at retailers can be tricky to find.

We’re already seeing third-parties jack up prices (6AVE Electronics via Walmart for example there) with the initial demand surge, so make sure to avoid prices beyond the $249 MSRP.

How to check for AirPods Pro stock at Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, more

Best Buy

How to check AirPods Pro stock Best Buy


  1. Head to the AirPods Pro buy page
  2. Under Add to Bag look at the details for Pickup
  3. Click Check another store to search for stock elsewhere
  4. You can also see shipping times for online orders (at the time of writing 2 weeks)

Alternately, you can check out stock aggregation sites like iStockNow to keep an eye on AirPods Pro availability and even set up alerts.