How to get detailed weather information using Siri [Tutorial]

In addition to all of the other things that Siri can tell you, you can even use the virtual personal assistant to tell you the weather.

That may not sound so remarkable, but there are probably a set of weather command that you didn’t know were there too. Join us as we explore the weather.

Watch the world

By default, when you ask Siri about the weather it will answer based on your location. However you may include locations around the world to find out what the weather is doing elsewhere.

To take things to an extreme, I did try asking if it was snowing at the North Pole and Siri came back telling me that it couldn’t search for local businesses! I did have better luck asking for places in North America though. For example, rather than asking “What is the temperature?“, ask “What is the temperature in California?

Units of Measurement

Whenever you want to change the units that Siri returns meteorological data in, you will need to change the settings of the Apple Weather app.

Basic Commands

As you may already know, you can ask Siri some basic questions about the weather, such as “What is the current temperature?“, “What will the week’s weather be?“, “Give me a week’s forecast“. The good thing about Siri is that you don’t have to stick to that script, you can give a number of variations on those themes, including minimalistic versions like “What is the weather?

Atmosphere and Wind

If you think it’s rather windy outside, you can ask Siri for the wind speed. To help you dress appropriately, you can even ask for the wind chill factor too. “What is the wind speed?“, “What is the wind chill factor?“ If you want to know the air pressure, say if you want to check why you suddenly got a headache, you can ask Siri for.

Humidity and Rain

You can ask Siri a number of questions on whether it will rain or not. However, it tends to give the same answer by providing the week’s forecast, with an affirmative or negative answer.

Siri will give you a read out of the humidity index, just say “What is the humidity index?” or more casually, “How humid is it?

You can even ask for the dew point. I found Siri to be quite specific about this one, as in variations would lead to misinterpretations – just ask “What is the dew point?

UV Index

If you plan to go sunbathing or want to know how much sunblock ask Siri, “What is the UV index?

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