How-To: Get the very best iPhone trade-in rate deal to assist purchase a brand-new iPhone 6S

Apple releases brand-new iPhones every September, guaranteeing that a massive number of old iPhones will certainly be traded in or offered. The rush is about to begin, significantly altering the market for made use of iPhones, so I desired to help you remain ahead of the curve and get the best offer possible. Having simply offered my own iPhone 6 Plus to upgrade to a newer model, I have some strong viewpoints about your smartest alternatives.

Listed below, I have actually assembled a guide to a few of the iPhone selling and trade-in alternatives you should consider. There’s no single “right” response, because some alternatives trade higher benefit for lower prices, and others have greater rates but greater threats or inconveniences. You can choose the one that’s best for your needs, but whatever you do, make your choice prior to iPhone values begin to fall…

Gazelle Amazon NextWorth

… Moderate Prices, Few Hassles: Offering Your iPhone To Amazon, Gazelle or NextWorth

Of all the third-party companies providing to buy used iPhones, Amazon, Gazelle and NextWorth are 3 of the best-known names. They run in the exact same standard method: you visit their web websites, specify your iPhone’s condition, get an offer price, then get a totally free shipping label to send your iPhone in. You generally earn money within a week, though timing can vary based upon the payment approach you select.

On raw numbers and convenience, it’s tempting to recommend Amazon’s trade-in program ahead of the others, due to the fact that under the best conditions, you can do really well right here — — presuming you’re OKAY getting payment in Amazon gift cards. If your device is in pristine condition, Amazon may pay you more than any of the other companies: a sample area gray iPhone 6 Plus, unlocked with 64GB of ability, was offered $ 512 without any scratches, chips, or dents, while a comparable iPhone 6 was assured $ 456. However the numbers drop fairly a bit if there’s any damage — — frequently lower than Gazelle’s numbers — — and I’ve occasionally seen Amazon incorrectly decline (non-iPhone) trade-in items due to processing problems.

If I was selecting between Gazelle and NextWorth, I ‘d be most likely to opt for Gazelle. In one cost check, NextWorth provided a weak $ 355 for the very same iPhone 6 Plus that Gazelle provided $ 480 to purchase. For another scenario, offering an iPhone 6 to update to a 6 Plus, NextWorth offered just $ 345 versus Gazelle’s $ 425. When examining a fully-loaded, unlocked iPhone 5s, NextWorth provided the very same quantity ($ 185.00) as Gazelle. The distinction is that Gazelle pays a premium for iPhones in fantastic condition, and always takes the greater value of unlocked phones into represent prices, which NextWorth does not constantly do.

From what I have actually seen, NextWorth has one advantage: it locks in its costs for Thirty Days after releasing you a quote, so you can keep using your iPhone up until you’ve received the replacement. However higher payouts make Amazon and Gazelle more appealing as immediate selling alternatives. Gazelle and NextWorth assure fast payments if you wish to earn money making use of PayPal, based on PayPal’s normal deal fees, with slower payments utilizing printed checks. Gazelle offers Amazon present cards as another choice. NextWorth instead provides Target gift cards and Discover prepaid cards. (Note: Beginning today and ending on September 9, 2015, 9to5Mac readers can get a 10 % bonus on any iPhone trade-in at NextWorth utilizing promotion code 9TO5MAC, which may assist making the prices more attractive.)

eBay Craigslist

Higher Rates, More Inconveniences: Selling Your Phone With eBay or Craigslist

I personally offered my iPhone through eBay, but offered the high charges and some of the headaches involved in listing and selling an iPhone that method, I wouldn’t advise that many people do the same. With eBay, you will generally have to take photos of your phone, make up a listing page with at least a little customized detailed text, respond to concerns from prospective purchasers, and handle typical issues such as no-payment and fraud bidders. You’ll probably also wind up paying of your own pocket for some shipping expenditures, such as insurance and signature verification, to prevent possible issues with the delivery. After I was done with my eBay transaction, I seemed like I need to have simply traded my phone to Amazon or Gazelle instead.

On the surface area, eBay market price for iPhones look outstanding: you may see Buy It Now rates for Completed Items that are $ 100 or $ 200 higher than Gazelle’s or NextWorth’s trade-in offers. However those numbers mask a collection of concealed costs: eBay will take 10 % of your final market price, plus an added 4 % PayPal cost, and after that PayPal will hold the funds until days after your purchaser receives your phone. This is the rate you spend for guaranteed safe transactions in between 2 strangers. If your iPhone costs $ 600, you can expect to pocket $ 516 after eBay and PayPal fees, and make money around 10 days after you offer the phone. Packaging materials, insurance coverage and signature verification will certainly cost you another $ 10 or so, bringing your rate down to $ 506. On the other hand, Gazelle’s trade-in value for the exact same phone might be $ 450 to $ 470, with Amazon offering much more.


Craigslist is the option for people who want to take on extra threat — — and handle a smaller audience — — to prevent eBay’s charges. You still need to make up an advertisement, but there are fewer fields to complete, and the listings are much simpler. Furthermore, unlike eBay, which is an international marketplace, Craigslist’s ads are locally focused: they’re primarily seen by (plenty of) people who live reasonably near you. Where eBay has structure, including formalized “best offer” negotiating software and a payment processing system, Craigslist leaves you to bargain on price with possible purchasers by means of e-mail, then satisfy up personally — — preferably following Craiglist’s anti-scam rules — — to exchange cash for your phone.

I have actually had blended experiences with Craiglist, but overall, they’ve been favorable. You probably won’t get as high a cost for your iPhone as on eBay, and you’ll require to secure yourself versus getting scammed during the payment procedure, however if the deal works out, you can pocket more than selling the exact same item on eBay. If you live in a place where Craigslist scams or criminal activity in basic are well-documented, I ‘d highly recommend opting for eBay or a trade-in option instead.

Apple-Brightstar Best Buy Target

Low Prices, High Convenience: Offering Your iPhone to Apple, Finest Buy, or Target

If rate isn’t as essential to you as convenience, there are other alternatives that pay out relatively little however make the trade-in procedure as simple as showing up at a store.

Applemakes use of a business called Brightstar to offer Apple Store gift cards under a trade-in program called “iPhone Recycle.” When I checked costs today, Brightstar had not been purchasing iPhone 6 or 6 Plus models, and just provided $ 165 for the same fully-loaded, unlocked iPhone 5s that Gazelle and NextWorth would pay $ 185 to acquire — — not a great cost. But Brightstar was ready to pay a little bit more than Gazelle ($ 20 versus $ 12) for a really old iPhone 4, and only $ 2 less than NextWorth for the same phone. At prices that low, you’re probably best off simply keeping the phone for a rainy day, or giving it away to a family member. If you truly want the Apple Store present card, however, it’s an option, and you can just walk into the Apple Store and trade your phone in right there.

Best Purchase’s trade-in values are somewhat lower than Gazelle’s, however with the benefit of being able to walk right into a close-by retail store and get a electronic gift card on the spot for your iPhone. During my research study, the iPhone 6 Plus came up at $ 385, the iPhone 6 at $ 365, and the iPhone 5s at $ 165. If you do not mind earning money in Best Buy store credit instead of money, you’ll get a bit more credit than NextWorth would offer.

Targetusages NextWorth’s services for trade-ins, with 2 caveats: Target’s trade-in prices might differ between NextWorth’s online quotes, and you make money in Target present cards. In my checks, you’ll get less going through Target than NextWorth, which is especially regrettable given that you’re getting store credit instead of money. For example, an iPhone 5s that fetched $ 185 at NextWorth was offered only $ 150 by means of Target. However once again, you may prefer the convenience of simply strolling into a store and strolling out with cash to invest.

My Recommendation: Check Amazon, Gazelle and eBay, Then Pick The Best One For Your iPhone

Given the experiences I’ve had with various iPhone sales and trade-in programs, I would suggest canvassing Gazelle’s trade-in program initially, then Amazon’strade-in program, and finally eBay Buy It Now/Completed Product prices. Gazelle is likely to be providing a strong trade-in value for your phone with the capability to get a cash payment rather than a gift card, while Amazon may offer you a bit more in Amazon credit. eBay’s number will likely be the highest of the 3, but you’ll have to discount it by roughly 16 % to take concealed eBay, PayPal, and shipping expenses into account.

If you think that the difference between eBay’s cost and Gazelle’s and Amazon’s are worth the added photography, writing up a listing, dealing with possible buyers, and spending for packaging/shipping costs, go all out (or consider Craigslist). However otherwise, you’ll discover that Amazon’s and Gazelle’s options are more practical, with somewhat lower payments.

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