How to remove the iPhone X notch from your Home and Lock screen

After a weekend of playing with the new iPhone X, it seems a lot of users (and reviewers) are finding that the notch isn’t very distracting, or even fades away. However, if you’re finding that’s not the case for you, there’s an option to remove it from your Home screen and Lock screen with a new clever wallpaper.

After Apple’s September event announcing the iPhone X there was a lot of buzz about the new sensor housing (notch) and how it would change everything from development to the end user’s experience.

While Apple has taken a lot of criticism for this bezel-less design choice, more and more people are finding that it’s not as big a deal as it may have seemed before spending time with the new iPhone. As our own Benjamin Mayo shared today “The notch is the best solution available now for an edge-to-edge phone. It disappears in use.” I’ve also found that after three days, the notch doesn’t bother me at all, but I also appreciate that’s not the case for everyone…and so does Alex Huberman.

Huberman today shared on Twitter a new wallpaper that removes the notch (at least from your Home screen and Lock screen) and gives it more of the aesthetic that Samsung and LG have gone with.

He notes that to work as intended you’ll need to set the wallpaper as a Still and also pinch the image and drag it as far down as possible. The wallpaper is a modified version of the new red/blue/white Live wallpaper that comes with the iPhone X.

You can download the wallpaper here for free. Thanks for sharing, Alex!

How about you? If you’ve gotten your iPhone X, has the notch faded away, or is it something that continually bothers you?

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