iFixit totally disassembles the new Mac Pro in ‘Fixmas miracle’

iFixit has completed its full teardown of the new Mac Pro. Given iFixit’s focus on repairability and that Apple’s new professional desktop is a modular machine, well, it got one of the highest ever ratings from iFixit — as far as Apple products go. Read on for some of the fun details like how the feet/wheels work, whether the built-in SSD and CPU are replaceable, where the speaker hides, a detailed look at the thermal system, and much more.

iFixit gave an initial look inside the Mac Pro (including some cheddar cheese grating) last week and shared its complete teardown today proclaiming “The new Mac Pro is a Fixmas miracle: beautiful, amazingly well put together, and a masterclass in repairability.”

Highlights include that many of the hardware components can be replaced without tools and those that need a tool often just require a Phillips screwdriver. While it’s more buried to get to and requires a few more tools, even the CPU seems to be replaceable.

While it took a bit of a trek, a CPU upgrade appears entirely possible—and well worth it, with an alleged cost savings of $1050 for an upgrade to 12 cores.

As for the built-in SSD, iFixit found it is removable but as the T2 is integrated, it won’t be user-replaceable.

We’re happy to see a modular SSD, but not happy knowing it’s bound to the T2 chip, meaning user-replacements are a no-go.

However, iFixit points out that it’s not too big a deal since Mac Pro customers can upgrade storage themselves in other ways like with MPX modules.