Image reportedly shows iPhone 12 design with smaller notch and iOS 14 home screen widgets

As a continuation of a purported leak of what the iPhone 12 camera bump will look like, the same Twitter source has now shared a larger image that shows the supposed front of the iPhone 12 as well.

What appears to be shown is a new design iPhone 12 with a notch that is less wide than the current iPhone 11 series. The outlined graphic shows a stylized representation of the home screen, as if this image was meant to be used in an instructional manual somewhere. However, 9to5Mac cannot confirm its legitimacy and its original sourcing is unclear.

A rough eyeball estimate suggests that the new notch is about a third smaller. The width of the earpiece speaker seems to have remained the same, but the spacing to the left and right of the speaker have shrunk. There have been some rumors that the design of the notch would change this year, but we aren’t expecting anything dramatic like it being removed altogether.

This change would line up with an overall chassis redesign; the new flagship iPhone lineup is believed to resemble an iPhone 5 look with straight sides, a departure from the curved industrial design introduced with the iPhone 6.

The other interesting thing about this image is the home screen itself. What we can see is a mixture of app icon squares and larger block elements. This is presumably in reference to the rumored home screen widgets feature, which was mocked up here.