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iOS 11 Rumors, Features, Beta Release Date [Everything We Know So Far]

Here are iOS 11 beta download, rumors, features and release date details that we know about Apple’s next firmware so far.

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner, which means we will be getting our first look at iOS 11 and what it has to offer sooner rather than later. Before that actually happens, we’re going to take a look at what we already know – or think we know – about what Apple’s iOS 11 update may have in store for iPhone and iPad owners.

iOS 11 Features (Rumored)

-Enhanced Siri Features: Digital assistants have been generally well accepted on devices, but it’s really time that they were taken to the next level. According to reports, iOS 11 will represent that movement with an overhauled and enhanced Siri experience. Apple, like a lot of other companies, is reportedly set to turn to advanced artificial intelligence to promote its products and boost its market share, which will start with a more powerful Siri integration with the release of iOS 11.

Siri in iOS 11 will not only integrate with iMessage, but will also learn user behavior.

For further information on Siri in iOS 11, check out our post here: Enhanced Siri Features Coming To iOS 11, Next-Generation iPhone [Report].

-Group FaceTime Capabilities: It may seem staggering to think about, but Apple’s FaceTime platform doesn’t actually support group video calls. However, rumor has it that this is all set to change with the release of iOS 11 later this year. Many of Apple’s competitors, such as Skype and Hangouts, already offer group calling, which means that Apple really needs to step up its game and introduce this functionality into FaceTime.

For further details on this, check out our post here: iOS 11 Features Group FaceTime Calling, According To Latest Rumor.

-Removal of 32-bit App Support: We’ve already seen a number of alerts showing up in pre-release seeds of iOS 10.3 which already indicate that support for 32-bit apps is about to be dropped. This makes perfect sense as it will essentially prevent apps that have been abandoned, or apps that haven’t been built against a 64-bit slice, from actually being launched on the device running iOS 11 and thereby prompting developers to take action. Hopefully as time progresses Apple will also become more aggressive when it comes to purging abandoned apps from the App Store.

Check out our post here for details on this: Apple Likely To Drop 32-Bit App Support In iOS 11.

-Night Mode: This one has been rumored for quite some time now, and has actually been presented with some tangible evidence thanks to a number of leaks which appear to show some native iOS apps with a dark skin applied to them. Apple has already taken the plunge and brought that visual style into tvOS, so it makes perfect sense to assume that it’s actually on the agenda for iOS as well. Hopefully with iOS 11.

(Image via: iOS 10 Dark Mode Concept)

-And much more: Sure; we have access to leaks and certain information about Apple’s plans, and we can make our best guesses based on what we know, or think we know as the case may be, but we certainly can’t pre-empt every feature inclusion of every new improvement in the platform. And after all, half of the fun is actually downloading and interacting with the software to find out the extents of the improvements.

iOS 11 Beta Download

As is usually the case, Apple will take the plunge and release the initial developer version of iOS 11 straight after the opening keynote of this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2017). That keynote is slated for June 5. Developer beta will be released on day one, while public testers will be able to access the first iOS 11 beta approximately a week or two after June 5.

iOS 11 Release Date

The general public, meaning those who aren’t developers or aren’t registered on the public beta program, will likely be given access to the final version of iOS 11 alongside, or just before the launch of iPhone 8, which is likely to be around late September time.

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