iOS 13 beta 2 adds new Portrait Lighting Control and HighKey Mono effect to the Camera app

Two of the headlining changes involving Photos in iOS 13 were missing in action in the initial beta release, but today’s second beta release makes the new features available to beta testers. A new High-Key Mono effect in the Camera app’s Portrait Mode panel is now available, along with the ability to edit and control Portrait Lightning via a new Portrait Lighting Control section in the Photos app editing interface.

The High-Key Mono effect is a brand new Portrait Mode effect that lets users add a beautiful monochromatic effect to their Portrait mode photos. It joins the already available Stage Light Mono effect as an additional monochrome capture option for Portrait Mode enthusiasts.

Perhaps more notable is the ability to control these effects via a new Portrait Lighting Control section of the editing interface when editing Portrait Mode captures. The new Portrait Lighting Control allows users to retroactively apply different Portrait Mode effects to a photo, and adjust the intensity of such effects via a handy slider. The new Portrait Lightning Control joins the rest of the enhanced photo editing tools in the Photos app.