iOS 8.3 Fixes Safari Keyboard Complaint

That long standing problem with iOS keyboard in Safari, where users were inadvertently hitting the Duration key while trying to hit Area, has lastly been settled by Apple. iOS 8.3 seems to have generated that much required fix, so going the jump for more details on this information.

The whole Area vs. Duration key issue is one that has been widespread for quite a long time now as complaints and bursts of disappointment can be found in from iOS users kept crowding up. The Go key had been sized unbelievably bigger compared to it needed to be when in Safari, where a lot of the time as the individual confidently sped up away on the keyboard, each area key hit as it ended up, had actually hit the period key, “”


While there were lots of users around who maintained second guessing their keying skills, the fact that Apple actually made the transfer to attend to and correct this issue, sees us that the issue actually was extremely much there, and was not merely a result of bad keying skills. With iOS 8.3, the Room key has actually been widened and that in-your-face blue tinted Go button has been squeezed to the right, together with the Period button. So with even more room to hit the Room key, your typing skills just sky climbed.

Originally this modification in the dimension of the keys was first reported in the beta 2 release of iOS 8.3, however with the release of beta 3, that alter has actually been continued and is something that we can be confident of seeing in the last release of iOS 8.3.

iOS 83 keyboard

Owners of iPhone 6 Plus, specifically, with their huge 5.5-inch display observed that instead of extending the Area key on the added screen space of the phone, Apple lazily determined to increase the dimension of the Go button, thus creating an increase of period littered searches in Safari.

iOS 8.3 beta 3 was made public on Thursday as a component of Apple’s public beta screening program, where it was for the initial time that Apple launched a beta version of iOS to both the designers, and also the basic public.

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