iOS 9 Benchmarked On iPhone With ‘Low Power Mode’ On And Off

The introduction of iOS 9 brought with it a number of function additions and much-longed for functionality enhancements. Rather than reinventing the wheel and attempting to provide an entire brand-new set of core features, iOS 9 exists as more of a stepping stone for what is to come and tries to stabilize its core providing with a variety of stability enhancements that must make the whole experience more pleasurable across all devices. iOS 9 does nevertheless, introduce one extremely impressive little function that needs to make a difference to a lot of users –– Low Power Mode, which is designed to save battery life by decreasing the performance of the device and preventing constant background activity.

It makes ideal sense that in order to save power, the requirement must be to prevent the device from performing particular network based activities that put a big strain on the battery. Activities such as making backgrounded network calls to bring email or revitalize app material is prevented when Low Power Mode is turned on, however how does this brand-new mode impact the general efficiency of the iPhone? Does the pursuit of longer battery life render the device efficiently unusable? Geekbench 3 has actually been updated to deal with Apple’s iOS 9 and provides some answers to those concerns.


An iPhone 6 Plus with Low Power Mode off managed to notch up a score of 1606 when put through the single-core processor test. The multi-core test on the exact same device under the exact same conditions returned a score of 2891. On the other hand, with Low Power Mode triggered, the same device under the same conditions returned a single-core score of 1019 and a multi-core score of 1751.

Those outcomes seems to verify Apple’s own description of Low Power mode because there is a noticeable decrease of power being offered to particular aspects of the device in order to reserve as much battery life as possible. The same level of outcomes were taped when an iPhone 5s was put through similar tests.


For those that may not be familiar with iOS 9’s Low Power Mode, it is provided as an option on a standard alert view when the battery level on an installed device reaches the 20 and 10 % mark. Users are able to quickly toggle the function on, indicated by turning the battery sign yellow. For those that pre-empt that, that they may wish to save as much power as possible the feature can also be toggled on and off by means of the Battery section of the iOS 9 Settings app.

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