iOS 9 vs Android M: Visual Comparison [Screenshots]

Now that both iOS 9 Beta and Android M Developer Preview are out, it’s time to pit the 2 beside each other and see how the two most popular mobile os have actually visually developed in last one year.

iOS 9 screenshots are on the left while Android M ones are on the right.


iOS 9 Beta vs Android M Developer Preview – – Side-by-Side Contrast:

iOS 9 vs Android M – –

ios 9 vs android_0030

Phones: Lock Screen: Apple’s new San Francisco font in iOS 9 vs Google’s fine-tuned Roboto font in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0029

Lock Screen: Notices

ios 9 vs android_0032

Home Screen

ios 9 vs android_0007

New Spotlight Browse page in iOS 9 vs Google Now page in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0042



Notification Center

ios 9 vs android_0035

Apps on Home Screen (iOS 9) vs apps in App Drawer (Android M)

ios 9 vs android_0033

Search everything. Spotlight Browse vs Google.

ios 9 vs android_0034

Siri UI vs Google Now UI

ios 9 vs android_0039

Multitasking switcher

ios 9 vs android_0041

Control Center in iOS 9 vs Quick Settings Tiles in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0040

Apple Photos (iOS 9) vs Google Photos (Android M)

ios 9 vs android_0036


ios 9 vs android_0037


ios 9 vs android_0038

Low Power Mode (iOS 9) vs Battery saver (Android M)

ios 9 vs android_0043

Transit in Apple Maps vs Transit in Google Maps.

ios 9 vs android_0044

iCloud Drive app (iOS 9) vs Google Drive app (Android M)

ios 9 vs android_0045

Cam app

ios 9 vs android_0046

Personal privacy features in iOS 9 on left. App authorizations in Android M on right.

ios 9 vs android_0048

Now Playing: Apple Music vs Google Play Music


Cds: iOS 9’s Apple Music app vs Android M’s Google Play Music app.


Notes in iOS 9 vs Google Keep in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0050

Browse Settings

ios 9 vs android_0051

iOS Share Sheet on left. Android Share Menu on right.

ios 9 vs android_0049

Volume HUD


Landscape Home Screen (iOS 9 – – iPhone 6


Plus) Stock Apple Keyboard vs Stock Google Keyboard.


System-wide dictation in keyboard.

iOS 9 vs Android M – – Tablets:

With Android M, Google has natively included support for split-screen multitasking for tablets. This performance though is in early stage phases at the moment which’s most likely the reason Google didn’t announce it on-stage at I/O 2015. To allow this secret hidden feature of Android M, you can follow the directions here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 4.09.19 AM

Apple on the other hand has lastly made true multitasking on iPad official with iOS 9. Here’s how it looks and works:


Slide Over: Open 2nd app over the very first one on side without leaving the first one.


Switching apps in Slide Over.


Split View: Open 2 active apps side-by-side at the very same time in 50/50 or 70/30 view.


Picture-in-Picture (PiP): Watch a video in a small window while continue working in other app. The video window can also be rearranged or resized.


Yes you can likewise use all three Slide Over, Split View and Picture-in-Picture at the same time.