iPhone 6 Sales Continuously Enhance Apple’s Market Share, Samsung, Android Sees A Dip

Apple’s market share remains to increase around the world, primarily a result of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch in September of last year, states a new report. The report likewise recommends that both devices remained to make additional invasions in the run up to Christmas in all surveyed countries. Directly after the jump for more details.

It wasn’t too lengthy earlier when Kantar released a report on this similar issue which highlighted the style of development out there share by Apple throughout the world, driven by increasing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales. The data assessed because report was for 3 months ending on October 2014. This moment about, Kantar paints an image of the marketplace scenario a month later, mentioning data for smartphone sales for three months finishing Nov 2014.

iPhone 6 bigger than bigger

Baseding on Carolina Milanesi, Principal of Research at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, “While continuing to be the dominant international OS, Android’s market share fell in most European markets and in the United States where the decrease was the initial given that September 2013.” Android has lost its market share across Europe by 3.2 % as compared to the exact same duration in 2013, though it proceeds to dominate the marketplace with 69.9 % of the market share. Android shed its greatest ever 6.7 % of market share in Britain, where Apple shares reached 42.5 % with a development of 12.2 % over the very same period in 2013.

Baseding on Dominic Sunnebo, Strategic Insight Director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Europe, “The longer the brand-new iPhone models are on the marketplace the a lot more their charm will certainly prolong beyond Apple’s devoted consumers. In the meantime consumer converting from Android to iOS stays steady at 18 %”.


In the U.S. Apple claimed 47.4 % of sales, which is a boost of 4.3 % over the very same duration in 2013. Android continues to be equally positioned with iOS at 48.4 % of the market share, however it experienced a 2 % drop in its shares as well.

Provided that this data does not have the stats from December 2014, it is likely that Apple’s share has actually raised by the end of in 2012, something that is greatly hurting the similarity the big players in smartphone production such as Samsung, which according to Kantar has suffered share losses in Europe and the U.S.

. Last but not the least, the report notes that in the 3 months finishing on Nov 2014, Samsung was the one strongly impacted by Apple’s monstrous launch, which caused decline in sales in U.S. and Europe both.

(Source: Kantar)

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