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iPhone 6s 7000 Series Aluminum Versus .50-Cal Rifle [Movie]

Well, it had to occur. Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus hand-sets have just been with us formally for significantly less than the usual week, but we’ve previously noticed the components put through numerous harmful evaluations and iPhone 6s. We’ve observed the typical midsection height fall evaluations designed to mimic an actual real life dropping of the handset, accompanied by by the somewhat more farfetched evaluation of seeing what the results are when the iPhone is doused in liquid nitrogen and then annihilated using a sledgehammer. Now, we see exactly how well Apple’s newest components performs against a .50-Cal round fired from a highpowered Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle.

It possibly won’t come as a jolt that even though the new iPhone 6s versions are made from higher-level 7000 series aluminum, they aren’t actually nbsp & the right competition;for a Barrett M82A1. The entire experience was recorded on slow motion movie for the world to love, or maybe recoil in terror in the event that you are unable to see the reason for capturing a defenseless little bit of superior technology using an arms of destruction.


Apple’s newest iPhone array could be produced from a fresh more powerful metal, but that’s a choice that has been made internally to avoid a re-event of last year’s “Bendgate” scandal. It’s very improbable the Cupertino-based firm were debating the likelihood of a lot of iPhone owners obtaining labeled by a .50-Cal round when preparing out the engineering stuff. The movie it self is worth a view, just for the production and amusement value. There’s something slightly enchanting about seeing the way the iPhone responds to the bullet that is penetrating in slow motion.

On that subject, it won’t shock one to learn the iPhone 6s responds just as you’d anticipate when it’s hit by the .50-Cal round. Apple’s new phone bursts into more bits than it was really made from and is completely obliterated. It seems that perhaps not even the debut of the Rose-Gold colour will produce the phone impervious to highpowered, power destruction that is stark, but that was already known by you. What would it not be in the event you needed to select your preferred way of destruction that is iPhone? .50-Cal round submerging Apple’s components in fluid nitrogen and using a hammer to it or tearing through the shell?

Check the movie out below, and let’s know in the comments area below.

(Source: YouTube)

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