iPhone 6s Might Be Even Thinner, Thanks To New LED Backlighting Chips

With iPhone 6s reports beginning to gather momentum, a new report has actually hit the Internet suggesting that the new smartphone might use a brand-new and much thinner generation of LED backlighting chips. Obviously, this spells an either much slimmer brand-new iPhone or one with more room for Apple to works its magic in.


Historical data suggests that the iPhone 6s would gain changes under the hood only, however with reports and rumors combined, it appears like this could well be the biggest incremental iPhone release yet with its Force Touch panel, and a possibly enhanced pixel depend on the front-facing camera, though none of this can be confirmed right away. In a similar fashion, Digitimes, a Taiwanese publishing has shed some light on Apple’s objective to use thinner LED backlighting chips.

According to the report, the new chips have the exact same width and length dimensions, but are a significant 0.2 mm thinner than the present ones which happen to be 0.6 mm thick.

While this definitely enhances area for more elements in the iPhone and even provides Apple the possibility to perhaps slim down the device much more, these brand-new chips are apparently 10-percent less brighter than the existing ones, meanings the Mac-maker would have to make use of extra chips than normal.

Slendering down the iPhone seems not likely if Apple does not find a method constrict the protruding electronic camera to a minimum of its existing depth on the iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, which has not really gone down that well with some Apple fans. Unless Apple discovers a way to reduce the electronic camera module, we might be looking at larger batteries for the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus, something which would weigh in much more than a slimmer shape for Apple fans.


Obviously all these presumptions are based upon Force Touch not being part of the final plan. If Apple does go ahead with the Force Touch tech, it is bound to hog more space than the basic iPhone display panel, which is where these brand-new and thinner LED backlighting chips could help the iPhone maintain its currently slim kind factor.

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