iPhone 6S will certainly animate UI with Apple Watch-like Movement wallpapers

Apple is preparing to bring some movement from the Apple Watch to the iPhone 6S. Among the new device’s differentiators over its predecessor will likely be a spruced up set of animated wallpapers, according to three sources who have actually utilized internal iPhone 6S prototypes within Apple.

The new animated wallpapers originate from the same household as the set of “Motion” watch deals with that dominate the main screen of the Apple Watch, where the user can pick from jellyfish, multi-colored butterflies, or brightly colored flowers.


For the brand-new iPhone, we are told the types of motion wallpapers vary from sets of animated fish from a koi pond to vibrant arrays of smoke. In current iOS 9 betas, Apple added new colorful wallpapers consisting of colored smoke versus a solid black background, and the exact same impact is likely to be totally animated on the iPhone 6S.

Last night, a supposed image of a yet-to-be-assembled iPhone 6S Plus box emerged on the web, and this image revealed a gold koi pond fish wallpaper. Based upon Apple’s internal screening of motion wallpapers, we now believe that box image to be genuine.


Apple first try out animated wallpapers via a set of “vibrant” vibrant dot animations in iOS 7. In his prolonged Apple Watch-focused profile for The New Yorker earlier this year, Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive suggested that the Motion wallpaper function could perk up an iPhone, offered that the screen depended on the task:

He got his iPhone 6 and pressed the house button. “The whole of the display begins,” he stated. “That, to me, feels very, older.” (The iPhone 6 reached shops two weeks later on.) He went on to describe that an Apple Watch utilizes a new display technology whose blacks are blacker than those in an iPhone’s L.E.D. screen. This makes it easier to mask the point where, beneath a glass surface, a display ends and its frame starts. An Apple Watch jellyfish swims in deep area, and becomes, Ive said, as much a characteristic of the watch as an image. On a current iPhone screen, a jellyfish would be pinned versus dark gray, and framed in black, and, Ive stated, have “much less magic.”

Sources did alert that the animation features in screening could have ultimately been dropped from the last iPhone 6S launch, however the presence of such wallpaper on the leaked product packaging materials show that the function is likely prepared to go. Besides an updated, more animated view the Lock screen, the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will include a Force Touch display screen with a focus on shortcutting central iOS functions, a revamped camera (perhaps with 4K recording support), a quicker A9 processor, and more reliable cellular chips.

Apple is set to announce the new iPhones together with a revamped Apple TV at an event in San Francisco on September 9th.

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