Is Apple’s pre-announcement for new Mac Pros enough to address pro concerns? [Poll]

In a very uncharacteristic move for Apple, the company today decided to address recent concerns among its pro market and pre-announce an all-new, rethought Mac Pro in the cards for next year. Less exciting is the spec bumps that make the current lineup more affordable in the meantime, and the company also added in confirmation that new iMac models are coming later this year. But is Apple’s pre-announcement for new Mac Pros enough to address pro concerns?

If you’ve been following the conversation surrounding Apple’s recent pro product releases, it’s probably less shocking that it decided to make a rare move and pre-announce new Mac Pros in an interview with journalists long before they are ready to ship.

It’s not just the fact that many have been questioning Apple’s commitment to the Mac Pro after going years without an update, there has also been recent dialog that the company is focusing less on the needs of pros in general. Most recently with the new MacBook Pro models that received controversy over a move to all USB-C ports, configuration options, and the introduction of Touch Bar, as well as its decision to give its display business to LG.

The LG 5K displays it announced alongside the new MacBook Pros and recommended for users received poor reviews and were later recalled. Part of Apple’s announcement today included confirmation it’s also now building a display to release alongside the new Mac Pro.

So, in a move to seemingly address these concerns, Apple has decided to do what it doesn’t usually do and talk about its plans before they are ready to show off a real product. To recap, the main announcements today included:

  • Apple is building a new “completely rethought” Mac Pro with a modular design that is capable of running high-end CPUs and GPUs that can be updated.
  • There will also be a display to go along with it, and both will come out some time next year.
  • Until then it has spec bumps on current Mac Pros starting today
  • There will also be new iMacs coming this year suitable for some pros
  • Apple is sorry

What do you think? Is Apple’s pre-announcement for new Mac Pros enough to address pro concerns?

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