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Is iPhone 6s Watertight? Video Evaluation Reveals It Could Live For An Hour Underwater

As Apple has added attributes to the iPhone over time, there’s historically been one tick box that is specific the firm has refused to check off, and rsquo & that;s water-resistance. While your competitors from a few other manufacturing companies;and the likes of Sony&nbsp  happen to be adding water resistance with their smartphones for a a while now, Apple has refused to follow match.!

When the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were declared several weeks past, a few of us wondered whether 2015 could function as year which found water resistance reach the iPhone, but alas it wasn’t to be. At least, not according to rsquo & Apple;s iPhone 6s Plus requirements or official iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s waterproof

That didn’t quit one YouTuber from seeing what would occur when equally of rsquo & Apple;s new main handsets were submerged in water for at least 60minutes. That time isn’t a injury, using the the state water-resistance  standing having devices must resist water for one hour so that you can get the standing that is mandatory. So when subjected to the same evaluation what would occur to Apple’s new-top of the line I phones?

Astonishingly, not a lot. !

Equally of Apple’ s iPhones stood up to the evaluation unexpectedly well as the movie displays. Actually, having spent the full hour in a plate of of water equally devices continued to operate before they went in, just as they did. The cameras operated, inside the unit it self without any indication of water spots, and as it will, the display continued to operate. Again, there is no indication of water having discovered its way to the I phones at all. Also, Lightning interface and the headphone jack both are noted to have continued functioning when the device was dried up, which by our reckoning indicates the newest iPhones are virtually waterproof regardless of specs.

Since doesn’t mean you need to run to take your iPhone to the shower as well as splash it while doing the the laundry, but when this evaluation is something to go-by, it’s safe to say you’ll be just great utilizing the point out in the in the pouring rain. !

That which we don’t really comprehend why Apple wouldn’t cry about producing its iPhones waterproof is. That alone indicates to us that it hasn’t created them waterproof at all, producing this movie all the more interesting!


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