Jorno Testimonial: Hands-On With a Tri-Fold Portable Keyboard for iOS Devices

Continuing on with our collection of keyboard evaluations, we’re looking at the mobile, collapsible Jorno keyboard. The Jorno made its launching on Kickstarter back in 2012, and after years of refinements and design changes, the keyboard began shipping to clients in March of 2015.

The Jorno’s look is extremely a bit varying compared to the initial idea provided in 2012, but the standard concept coincides– it’s a tri-fold Bluetooth keyboard that collapses down for far better transportability. The Jorno name heralds the style of the keyboard, which looks like a Moleskine journal when it’s folded for travel.


What’s in the Box and Arrangement

The Jorno ships in a compact box that includes the keyboard itself, the cover/stand that holds it up, and a USB wire for demanding. Establishing the Jorno takes just a few secs. When it’s unravelled, it’s powered on (as suggested by an environment-friendly light bulb) and Bluetooth can be activated by holding down function and touching the Bluetooth key (the “C”).

From there, it sets within the Settings menu of an iPhone or iPad like other Bluetooth device.


The Jorno is a two-piece device with a QWERTY keyboard and a separate stand instead compared to a keyboard case, so it’s able to deal with a vast array of devices, including the iPhone, the iPad, and various other smartphones and tablet computers. The primary part of the Jorno is the keyboard itself, which is collapsible and could be folded down right into a 5.7 by 3.5 inch package that’s after that covered by the case/stand for travel.

When the Jorno is not in use, the black leather-like stand serves as an instance, however when you require to type something, it folds into a triangle form held together by magnets, similar to an iPad Smart Cover. A small plastic lip near the bottom makes sure an iPhone or an iPad remains in location, and the magnets that hold it all with each other are strong sufficient that absolutely nothing is in danger of tipping over. Because it’s just a simple stand, the Jorno’s situation can hold an iPhone or iPad in landscape or picture mode for typing, watching video clips, and much more.

On the bottom of the stand, there’s a plastic foot that can be taken out and configured right into numerous various positions to somewhat transform the seeing angle of an iPad or iPhone. The entire lip of the situation doesn’t slide out, however the little section that does is solid sufficient to delay an iPad Air 2.

Built from aluminum and plastic, the Jorno keyboard itself is light and easy to lug at 6.51 ozs. The aluminum outer section of the keyboard is a dark silver color (similar to the Space Gray iPhone/iPad), while the plastic keys and the keyboard are black. There are 2 hinges on the Jorno keyboard to allow it to fold up down, with both sides folding innermost towards the middle when it is fallen down.

Due to the hinges, the Jorno keyboard does not laying completely level on a workdesk or table so it does rock backward and forward a little bit when you’re typing, a factor that could be irritating. The joints also stop it from being used on a lap– when the hinges aren’t sustained on a level area, they fold up innermost because they don’t secure location. The hinge’s folding system is smooth and it takes just secs to fold/unfold the Jorno keyboard and stand when getting all set to store it away or use it.

Cosmetically, the full Jorno package deal is compact and unobtrusive. The keyboard has a straightforward no-frills style, as does the stand, but the keyboard is marred by four screws that hold the hinges in position. The screws peek up over the top of the keyboard and are aesthetically distracting, however do not get in the method of keying.


The Keys

The most effective descriptor for the Jorno’s keys is “clicky.” They make an audible clicking sound when keying which click is louder than the click of the secrets on a MacBook. People that choose a quieter keyboard might not like the louder-than-average clicking noise.

Key feel is just one of the most vital aspects to consider when it concerns a mobile keyboard, and this is a location where the Jorno does a solid work. The keys really feel pleasing to kind on and approach the tricks on your typical desktop computer keyboard.

Compared with a MacBook Pro or Air keyboard, the Jorno has a similar feel, but it takes a little bit a lot more compel to press a key down and there’s slightly more traveling. It’s not extremely the exact same experience as keying on a MacBook keyboard, yet it’s similar enough that it’ll really feel acquainted from the first press. Dimension smart, the Jorno keyboard is a lot more small compared to a MacBook keyboard, so the secrets are smaller sized and closer together. When unfolded, the Jorno is roughly 10 inches in size.

It takes a while to change to the size difference between the keys on the Jorno if you’re utilized to typing on a MacBook Air or Pro, but after a brief time frame the average touch typist must become accustomed to the spacing and will certainly have the ability to type almost as rapidly as you do on MacBook.

The Jorno is made to collaborate with a variety of devices, so it’s obtained tricks that are particular to Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Toggling between the three methods can be done by holding back the feature key and pushing the ideal key on the keyboard.

When in iOS method, holding back function and pushing the tricks arranged on top of the keyboard allows a number of iOS-specific attributes. There’s a key to go back to the iPad or iPhone’s home screen, launch a search, choose message, duplicate, paste, manage media, and change the quantity of a device.

Various other Features

The Jorno has a battery that lasts for 85 several hours of constant keying or 220 days in standby, which means you need to simply should demand it once a month or so relying on your use practices. If you’re only keying sometimes, you might just require to ask for every couple of months. Asking for is done with the accompanying Micro-USB billing cable television.

To preserve electric battery life, the Jorno keyboard activates whenever it’s unfolded and it shuts off when it’s closed. It will certainly also go to sleep after two mins of inactivity, waking up once more with a key press.

Kickstarter Controversy

Kickstarter backers which purchased a Jorno keyboard hesitated three years to acquire their hands on a completed item, and just what backers obtained was a great keyboard, but not exactly what had been promised at the begin of the campaign. The Jorno wased initially placed on Kickstarter in 2012, where it raised more than $$ 100,000 in pledges, so we would certainly be remiss not to point out the hundreds of customers that hesitated years for a product that underwent several style adjustments.

Looking into the Jorno’s history, problems with the keyboard maintained appearing over the style duration, resulting in hold-up after delay, often with little communication from the Jorno group for months each time.

The Jorno Kickstarter backers spent for folded greater than three times and it was a lot more compact compared to the final version (initial approximated dimensions were 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.2″ vs. 5.77″ x 3.53″ x 0.67″), which isn’t really rather comfortably pocketable, considering that it’s practically an inch close the situation. Some initial Kickstarter backers are disappointed in the last product, while others are merely thankful to obtain a product whatsoever. Eventually, the Jorno group wound up with a good product that’s visiting appeal to new users, however it’s not quite the “globe’s smallest folding Bluetooth keyboard” as was promised to original backers (that title now goes to the TextBlade).


The initial Jorno model

When looking into the Jorno’s past history, we found a similar item from EC Innovation available on Amazon at a much lower cost, leading us to thought which product came first. Many of the initial Kickstarter backers have additionally questioned the item, so we asked Jorno developer Scott Starrett for an explanation, and in a statement, he said the version available on Amazon is a duplicate of the Jorno product.We’ve helped two years to establish a patent-pending layout that offers a truly superior mobile keyboard experience. Throughout the manufacturing procedure, we became aware that other business started making a quite similar product featuring non-standard U.S. key layouts. As a technology start-up, we’ve found out a whole lot throughout the procedure including the fact of copies in manufacturing, often to the detriment of initial developers. We guarantee Jorno’s top quality design and back it with our 90-day guarantee. We’re certain that Jorno users will certainly like the keyboard as long as we do.While thecopycat item is available at a much cheaper rate, it does not provide the coming with natural leather stand and instance that offers the Jorno its signature appearance, and it supplies no efficiency warranties.

Which’s It For?

If you’re seeking a mobile keyboard that can be utilized with multiple devices, the Jorno deserves considering. It will certainly deal with Macs, the iPhone, and the iPad, plus other non-Apple devices. Many of the previous keyboards we have actually checked out have actually been restricted to the iPad.

The Jorno folds up into a size that makes it very easy to stick right into a publication bag or handbag and the tricks have a feel that transcends to lots of iPad keyboard instances on the market. The case/stand is well developed and has an excellent, strong magnet inside, and the whole bundle works well together.

For a basic keyboard that provides couple of features past mobility, the Jorno has a high costs. It’s a lot more expensive than several various other retractable keyboards on the marketplace, yet it’s a perhaps much more classy remedy. One major caveat– if you require a keyboard that can be made use of in a variety of circumstances where a flat surface area isn’t really always offered, the Jorno is not a wonderful selection. Its hinges don’t sturdily secure right into location, so it’s visiting fold up inwards whenever it’s not on a table.


  • Great key feel
  • Compact and mobile
  • Unobtrusive look
  • Versatile, deals with many devices


  • Stones somewhat on a level area
  • Can’t be used in a lap
  • Extending hinge screws
  • Functions are too fundamental for the costs

Ways to Buy

The Jorno can be bought from the Jorno website for $$ 99.99.

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