Linea Sketch 2.0 adds Split View, Drag & Drop, plus loads of new illustrator features

Linea is easily one of the best iPad apps to use with Apple Pencil, and today The Iconfactory is shipping version 2.0 which starts with a refreshed name: Linea Sketch. Linea Sketch 2 includes new multitasking features, loads of new tools for illustrating and note-taking, and much more.

For multitasking on iPad, Linea Sketch now works with Split View so you can run the drawing and note-taking app side-by-side with other split-screen apps. This lets you easily view an image in Photos for reference or take notes from source material in Safari or other apps.

Linea Sketch 2 also adds Drag & Drop support for easily importing images as new layers or exporting creations to other apps. This works well with Split View or by manipulating Drag & Drop with the Dock or Home screen.

Linea Sketch is also a big update for fundamental illustration and note-taking features. New tools in Linea Sketch 2 include:

  • A new Transform tool for lassoing and moving part of an image or moving it to another layer
  • ZipLine for drawing straight lines by pressing and holding at the end of a new line without a ruler
  • Image import for adding outside content as a new layer when sketching or note-taking
  • Portrait orientation support with new canvases created using the current iPad orientation
  • New grid and templates including “notepads with wide and narrow rules, storyboarding with 1.85:1 ratio, App Design with latest devices, and a small dot grid”