Live Blog: Eddy Cue at SXSW 2018

We’re on the ground at SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas where Apple’s Eddy Cue is about to take the stage to discuss media curation with CNN’s Dylan Byers. The interview comes just moments after Apple announced plans to acquire digital magazine subscription service Texture, so Apple’s plans for that app will likely be the highlight of the conversation.

The interview is scheduled to start any moment now, so stay tuned for updates!

  • Eddy Cue takes the stage, immediately talking about the new Texture acquisition
  • Cue said Apple News was introduced with the goal of bringing great content in a beautiful layout from trusted sources, and Apple plans to integrate Texture content into Apple News
  • Part of the goal of Apple News (and owning Texture) is to avoid issues with “a lot of the issues” happening in the media today (like inaccurate stories gaining traction)
  • He says Apple News users followed an average of 4 publications a year ago, now that’s up to 20

  • Byers asking Cue about the open platform argument that Facebook has struggled with, Cue says for Apple there is a large responsibility for large platform holders; iTunes and Podcasts has been influential in creating rules and guidelines, despite taking heat for that, that helps with media curation, Cue draws the line between open platforms and free speech with examples like bomb making apps, white supremacy speech, etc.
  • Byers is pushing back against that by using the NRA TV app on Apple TV as an example, Cue explains how that app falls into Apple’s guidelines today, but says if the app changes while it’s in the App Store, it can be removed; Cue says pro gun control apps are also found in the App Store; the App Store still won’t let you buy or sell guns
  • Cue says everybody has a responsibility in the world, when asked about Facebook’s responsibility to curate media: “We’re going to step up and do that.”
  • “I’ve gotten lots of email that says our Apple News is too far left and lots of emails that say Apple News is too far right.” Cue says it depends on what trusted publications you follow, but Apple News wants to show you more than what is most popular or what fits your viewpoint. Cue says News not being advertiser focused helps enable that.
  • Byers asking Cue what he reads; Cue says he starts his day by picking up the Apple News app, Apple’s editorial team picks the top articles of the day, Apple looks for in-deoth stories and not headlines and clickbait, email newsletters and sports news like The Athletic, car news including blogs, most of which can be found in Apple News, he says

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