Logic Pros Review: Seaboard Block brings 5D MIDI touch control to an affordable price tag

After being unveiled back in the summer, the latest ROLI Seaboard recently showed up at the office much to our delight. The Seaboard Blocks is the first time ROLI has brought its unique 5D MIDI touch technology down to an affordable price tag, so we couldn’t be more excited to get a chance to go hands-on…

Personally, I am always looking for new and interesting input methods for music creation, and those alien-looking Seaboards have always seemed very interesting. Previous to the new entry-level Seaboard Blocks, even the smallest 25-keywave (that’s what you call the keys on this thing) version would have run you a cool $800. With the Block version coming in at under $300 with full Mac and iOS integration, readily-available 5D software instruments and more, there has never been a better time than now to upgrade from a basic keyboard to a multi-dimensional Seaboard.

Let’s get the basic tech out of the way here first. The Seaboard is essentially a multi-touch musical input device for your Mac or iOS gear. Whether wirelessly over Bluetooth or the included USB cable, the goal here is take your standard keyboard MIDI controller to the next level. It can be played like a typical keyboard controller, but its unique touch surface also supports polyphonic pitch bends and you can trigger an endless array of parameter changes depending on the way you swipe, glide, press, strike and lift off the surface itself.