Logitech Produce Evaluation: Exceptional Keyboard, but Large and iPad Pro Cumbersome

The Produce Keyboard Situation for that iPad Pro of Logitech was among the first third party keyboards readily available for the device, since it was produced by Logitech with aid from Apple. Since Logitech joined with Apple for your item, it’s also the only real third party keyboard that is presently in a position to make the most of the Wise Connection about the iPad Pro, meaning it does not have to connect towards the iPad over Wireless or utilize its energy source.

We went hands on with Logitechis Produce Keyboard situation to determine how it steps as much as Apple’s own difficult-to-discover Wise Keyboard and the several additional iPad Pro third party keyboards available on the market.


Logitech created the Produce experience to some conventional notebook keyboard and to change the iPad Pro right into a notebook clone, creating a keyboard that’s near indesign. The situation itself is made of a firm product coated having a nylon material, as the keyboard is constructed with plastic tips from metal. Design-wise, the Produce will come in three shades – navy black, and reddish – to complement Gold, the Area Grey, and Platinum iPads.

you are able to blend and complement shades, but centered on advertising supplies, the dark design is intended to complement the Area Grey iPad, the navy design is intended for that Gold iPad, and the reddish edition was created to complement the Platinum iPad. The external address of each design was created to be resilient to fluid, maintaining the Pro that was iPad secure from drains little leaks, and light water.

The Produce Keyboard has two primary components: the keyboard part of the situation and a firm backplate that suits within the iPad Pro. The case’s layer suits outrageous 50% of the iPad Pro in panorama style, aiming using the camera. There is a wrinkle in the centre of the backplate which allows it to bend to suit the Pro that is iPad in to the Wise Connection included in the situation.

Only 50% of the iPad Pro is installed safely in the event due to the requirement for that link, and on numerous events, my iPad Pro sprang from the layer. This never occurred within an place where the iPad Pro possibly could possibly fall, however it was an absolute problem of mine. Getting the iPad Pro pop-out of the situation at the time that is incorrect might be a possible catastrophe, but at the same time frame, the underside of the iPad Pro needs to be liberated to match precisely.

despite the fact that the iPad Pro is just within the case almost and may pop-out or even placed correctly, it’s challenging to obtain it from the situation. While snapped in most the way in which, it requires some hold and rotating to obtain it out, if you like to make use of the iPad Pro sans keyboard which is really a drawback. I understand it seems peculiar to express the iPad Pro is challenging to obtain out of the situation soon after worrying that it’s the potential to snap-out, but that is how it operates – it requires to become placed within the precise correct method or you are likely to have difficulty using the positioning of the cutouts and the amount switches.

The Produce Keyboard situation leaves all locations available, with cutouts for that Lightning interface and the trunk camera. You will find stuffed switches within rest and the quantity /aftermath handles, both which are simple to push turn the pill on or to manage quantity. The situation also offers rest/aftermath performance built-in, therefore the iPad awaken whilst the situation is sealed or exposed or may visit sleep.

while using the keyboard, the iPad Pro is straight forward in the event and snaps magnetically to some position above the keyboard where the Wise Connection is located. It’s just one position that is functional while writing and it just operates in panorama style. Lots of third party keyboards for additional iPads like the iPad Air 2 have numerous viewing perspectives and help both orientations, but “Wise” components for that iPad Pro are likely to be much more restricted due to that bodily link between your keyboard and the pill.

Once The keyboard isn’t being used, it may be collapsed beneath the iPad Pro for viewing movies or utilizing the internet, and it acts as total safety for that pill during journey. It shuts up clamshell-style, using the rear layer guarding the rear of the keyboard and the iPad Pro guarding its display.

When Compared With Apple’s Wise Address, that will be slim and lighting, the Logitech Produce Keyboard is unquestionably cumbersome. It weighs in at 1.5 pounds, increasing the iPad Pro’s fat, which furthermore weighs 1.5 pounds. At significantly more than three lbs as a whole, that is heavier than 13 and the 11 -inch the 12 and MacBook Air -inch Retina MacBook.

Itis also incorporating a great deal of width towards the iPad Pro, therefore as the keyboard does turn the iPad Pro right into a a lot more able MacBook-design device, it’s incorporating some severe fat and mass, which is a turnoff for many audience.

Smart Connection

The Logitech Produce may be the just third party keyboard that is presently in a position to make the most of the Wise Connection about the Pro that is iPad. The keyboard attracts its energy in the iPad by linking through the Wise Connection towards the iPad Pro. It never must be billed and there is no requirement for Wireless, since it’s linking straight to the iPad Pro.

this implies there is zero startup included – merely adhere the iPad Pro in the event and it works immediately. Until the iPad Pro becomes unseated in the situation thereis never any lack of link, and thereis zero lag. General, the Wise Connection is just a minor enhancement over Wireless options, equally in its comfort and its ease. Wireless is usually lag-free with several link issues and it’s uncommon to have to cost a third party keyboard more often than once per month, however these little pain points are eliminated by the Wise Connection.

the only real drawback towards the Wise Connection is the fact that it’s only a little picky at times. It may briefly remove and disrupt what youare doing if you’ve got the Logitech Produce on the panel and change the wrong manner.


As it pertains to dimension and mass Logitechis Produce keyboard situation is poor to Apple’s own Wise Keyboard, however for several customers, its keyboard is just a distinct success within the Wise Keyboard. The Produce has complete-spread secrets that experience wonderful underneath the fingertips compared to the Wise Keyboard, particularly because of their large journey.

Apple’s stored the Wise Keyboard slim by reducing the journey of the secrets, therefore it’s not likely to experience as accustomed whilst the Logitech Produce to people that are from a MacBook Air or perhaps a Retina MacBook Pro. When you have a MacBook, the MacBook secrets and the Wise Keyboard secrets experience comparable.

Shifting from the Retina MacBook Pro towards the Logitech Produce was smooth for me personally. I had been ready to begin writing about the Produce immediately with no decrease in my writing rate and zero typos. Exactly the same isn’t false of the Wise Keyboard – it’s an absolute modification for me personally. As somebody who favors the sense of the keyboard having a great quantity of journey, I believed the Logitech Produce was a writing knowledge that was significantly superior.

Just Like many third party keyboards, the Logitech Produce includes a strip of secrets focused on iOS techniques about the iPad Pro. There is a switch for discussing the house display, opening research, securing the iPad, changing keyboards (aka opening emoji or unique people), managing quantity, modifying screen lighting, managing marketing play, and modifying the backlighting of the secrets.

a significant advantage of the Logitech Produce within the Wise Keyboard may be the backlighting. The Produce comes with an automobile backlighting function in that works very well built. The secrets may illuminate the moment the keyboard is blocked in when theyare pushed and they’ll enhance. To save lots of energy, without pressing a vital should you proceed a couple of seconds, the backlighting turns down. Itis performed nicely and helpful if you should be writing with no large amount of lighting in an area, and it’s also flexible to three amounts about the keyboard itself.

Main Point Here

Both Apple’s own Wise Keyboard and the Logitech Produce keyboard have attractive characteristics and disadvantages. The Logitech Produce keyboard is significantly heavier and bigger compared to Apple Wise Keyboard, but it’s also cheaper and has conventional MacBook Pro-design secrets having a great quantity of journey and an incredible backlighting function.

Selecting between your Logitech Produce and the Wise Keyboard will fall to whether you want a far more practical keyboard that seems like a MacBook Pro/Air keyboard or if you like mobility and lightweight. Itis soft to regulate towards the Wise Keyboard, however for lots of customers, it’s not likely to supply the enjoyable writing encounter whilst the Logitech Produce presents.

Along Side greater secrets, you are also obtaining more safety using the Logitech Produce. The iPad Pro appears delicate since it’s not so small – there is a large amount of area there to interrupt if its bumped or fallen against anything. The Produce presents back safety and full-front as the Wise Keyboard is just likely to safeguard the display.

later on, there might be extra keyboard choices available on the market, but at the present period, you will find several iPad Pro-certain items and just two that make use of the Wise Connection: the Logitech Produce or even the Wise Keyboard. At this time, it’s a of determining if you like something which takes benefit of the most recent technology between lots of mass or secrets that don’t very compare well.

As somebody who possesses and employs an iPad Pro on the daily schedule, I’d not pick the Logitech Produce within the Wise Keyboard. It’s large and also cumbersome and I’m not really a lover of difficult and the uncomfortable to utilize layer style that is rear. My fingertips may adapt to secrets with less journey much better than my back may adapt to one more 1.5 lbs of fat while it boils down to it.

obviously, if you should be on the budget, there is no have to opt for either of those choices. The Pro that is iPad nevertheless works together with Wireless, therefore a standalone Wireless keyboard by having an iPad Pro Wise Address is currently going to be considered a completely useful choice.


  • Exemplary secrets
  • Smart Connection
  • Backlighting
  • Shortcut tips


  • iPad Pro suit could be unpredictable
  • Rear layer style makes correct positioning challenging
  • Cumbersome
  • Large
  • Restricted viewing angles

Just how to Purchase

The Logitech Produce iPad Pro Keyboard Situation can be bought from Apple.com or Apple stores for $149.99. It is also accessible straight in the Logitech site and from Amazon.com.

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