Luna Display and Astropad tout 4x GPU and 2x response gains with new Liquid video engine

Astro HQ, the company behind Astropad and Luna Display is today announcing an update to its Liquid video engine that offers up to 4x better GPU performance and is 2x more responsive for an ultra-low latency experience with iPad.

Astro HQ announced the news today in a press release:

Our proprietary LIQUID tech ensures stunning image quality and responsiveness on your iPad. In the latest version, LIQUID 3.0, we focused on reducing latency and optimizing GPU performance across all of our products. This update is available in Luna Display 3.0, Astropad Studio 3.0, and Astropad Standard 3.0.

The big GPU and response performance gains will be very welcome by Astropad and Luna Display users. In the iPad as a second display market, this could give Astro HQ a leg up on the competition if it delivers on the claimed performance.

The company says its Liquid 3.0 update puts latency quite a bit below alternatives like AirDisplay and Duet Display and is approaching zero-latency.

iPad Luna Display Astropad update

Astro HQ notes that Astropad Standard and Astropad Studio users will also greatly benefit from the Liquid update.

The all new LIQUID Video Engine brings significantly reduced latency and a faster screen refresh rate. You’ll notice smoother drawing and interactions, especially over USB and strong WiFi connections.

As for Luna Display, it runs $80 and comes in USB-C and Mini DisplayPort flavors. It then uses and iOS and macOS app to offer the ability to turn your iPad into a secondary Mac display.

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