macOS Mojave includes new MacBook Pro and iMac marketing wallpapers, download here

macOS Mojave previously introduced two new dynamic desktop wallpapers that charge appearances throughout the day. Now macOS 10.14 developer beta 5 has introduced even more new desktop picture wallpapers in addition to the appearance-changing options. You can download and use the new wallpapers below.

macOS Mojave includes several variations of Abstract, Abstract Shapes, Chroma, Desert, Flower, and Reflection wallpapers. As you can see below, these range from high quality desert landscape shots and very detailed flower photography (similar to what we’ve seen on iOS) to color movements made from various materials.

The new wallpapers are especially useful for fans of Apple’s wallpapers on recent iMac and MacBook Pro marketing campaigns as Abstract and Chroma desktop pictures were first seen from those products. Now those wallpapers are readily available through macOS Mojave or by downloading the images below:

(Open each in new tab and save or try a Dropbox folder mirror:)