macOS Mojave includes two desert-themed wallpapers, download here

Apple unveiled macOS Mojave on Monday, and included in the new desert-themed OS update are three new wallpapers. Mojave Day for light mode, Mojave Night for the brand new dark mode, and a special dynamic version…

You can download both Mojave Day and Mojave Night below and use them your on Mac (or other device) without updating your machine to the first developer beta release of macOS 10.14.

macOS Mojave also introduces a new dynamic wallpaper format that uses Location Services to update your wallpaper based on time of day. See it in action using the slider here.

While macOS typically uses JPEG images for the files that make desktop wallpapers, the new dynamic wallpaper relies on the relatively new HEIC format.

The wallpaper then updates based on local sunrise and sunset times — but you’ll need macOS Mojave to use it. macOS does have a ‘Change Every:’ option that lets you cycle through multiple wallpapers in a collection, but the time intervals are not ideal for day and night switching.

For now, you can download and start using both Mojave Day and Mojave Night below: