Malwarebytes comes to iOS w/ scam call blocking, spam text filtering, web protection & more

Long-time Mac security software Malwarebytes is making its iOS debut this month with the release of a new all-in-one security app for iOS users.

Malwarebytes for iOS includes call and spam blocking, full protection against threats in your web browser, message filtering, and more. Head below for a hands-on look at the new app.

The app includes four main features…

Built into the Malwarebytes for iOS app is complete call protection for incoming calls from suspected scammers. Not only will it let you know the call is a suspected scammer by referencing an extensive list of known scammers, it will also allow you to report numbers to that the list. The call protection is smart enough to block scam calls that look like they might be local, while at the same time never blocking numbers from your contact list ensuring you don’t miss any important calls. You can also customize the feature to choose to screen or block incoming calls from suspected scammers.

Similar to call protection, scam message protection allows you to cut down on annoying scam text messages by filtering all suspicious texts automatically into the junk tab in your messages app. It does so by comparing incoming texts to a list of known scammers in addition to detecting phishing links. And just like call protection, it won’t filter anything coming in from your contacts so you don’t have to worry about losing important messages.

The app also includes full web protection to keep you safe when browsing on your iPhone. This includes protection against accidentally visiting malicious websites that contain phishing scams or other common online threats. If you happen to click a link from a malicious website, Malwarebytes will also automatically prevent it from loading.

In addition, Malwarebytes for iPhone includes protection against aggressive ad trackers commonly used on less than trustworthy websites. There is also ad blocking functionality that prevents Safari from loading ads in addition to ad trackers.

You can download Malwarebytes for iPhone from the App Store and enter below for a chance at winning a free Premium subscription with one of 50 codes we’re giving away.

The free version of the Malwarebytes for iPhone app gives you full access to text message filtering and ad/tracker blocking, while the Premium subscription ($1.49 per month, or $11.99 per year) also gives you the call and web protection. iPad and iPod users can take advantage of all features except for call protection and text filtering.

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