Mockups imagine what the leaked iOS 14 home screen changes will look like

As 9to5Mac reported on Tuesday, iOS 14 code indicates that Apple is working on changes to the iPhone home screen, including a new list view.

Instead of just the grid of app icons, there will be a new page or new mode so users can look at their apps in a top-to-bottom scrolling list. Now, some intrepid readers have made mockups of what that might look like.

Apple has traditionally not changed the home screen on iOS very much. The grid of apps is tried and tested, familiar to users, and dates all the way back to the original iPhone.

However, Apple has expanded the metaphor slightly over the years, like adding app folders with iOS 4 and redesigning the ‘page zero’ Spotlight screen to include Siri suggestions and widgets. In 2019, iPadOS 13 integrated the widget sidebar with the first home screen.

The changes expected to debut with iOS 14 are less a redesign and more an addition to what we already have. You can imagine some way to toggle between views (similar to the list view toggle on the Apple Watch) or simply swiping across to a new home screen page, which contains the list view.

Parker Ortolani mocked up what that screen could look like in his renders. A simple segmented control lets the user switch from seeing all apps A-Z, to apps sorted by recently used, and then only those with notifications that need attention. The Spotlight search field is on-screen ready to filter down the list. Ortolani also visualized how folders could be presented in the list, with an option to expand and see the apps inside.

You can see how a home screen page dedicated to apps with unread notifications could be very useful. 9to5Mac reported that the list view would combine an alphabetized list of installed apps with Siri suggestions. You can see in Ortolani’s mockup how the Workout app is being recommended based on current location, emphasized with a darker background appearance.