Moment announces filmmaker collection with anamorphic lens and iPhone X battery case

Moment, the team behind high-quality mobile accessories, has today announced an anamorphic lens, a wirelessly charging iPhone X battery case, and a new gimbal counterweight. All of this is a part of the new filmmaker collection built around making mobile cinematography better.

Moment earned its fame once they got their high-quality mobile lenses to market. Whereas other companies were making phone lenses out of cheaper materials or plastic, Moment went for a high-quality glass. In doing so, images shot through its lenses don’t suffer from horrible chromatic aberrations or poor quality images. Today’s announcement adds a fourth lens behind its Wide, Superfish, and Tele options.

Moment’s new anamorphic lens looks to squeeze as much as it can out of your smartphone’s camera. Anamorphic lenses have been traditionally used to film widescreen cinematic videos at a 2.39:1 aspect ratio. They also tend to introduce natural horizontal lens flares, commonly seen in J.J. Abrams films.

Moment’s anamorphic lens pushes the boundaries of what a standard smartphone camera is capable of. Anamorphic lenses aren’t necessarily new to mobile videography, Moondog Labs has been doing it for a while, but this is the first from the Moment team. The new lens is compatible with its Photo and Battery Cases too, bringing it all under its cohesive accessory ecosystem.

Moment is also updating its Battery Case for the iPhone X. Nearly identical to its predecessor, the biggest change here is the inclusion of wireless charging. With its electronic shutter button, deep integration with the Moment app, and lens mount options, the case brings together the entire Moment accessory lineup.