Nanoleaf expands HomeKit Shapes lights with Triangles

Nanoleaf launched its new HomeKit lighting lineup called Shapes this past spring with Hexagons. Now the touch-enabled modular lighting lineup with features like music visualization is expanding with two new options that work with Hexagons: Triangles and Mini Triangles.

Nanoleaf showed off its new Shapes HomeKit modular lighting products in a virtual event as well as a press release today:

Smart lighting industry leader Nanoleaf announces the launch of Shapes Triangles and Mini Triangles, the latest addition to the company’s highly successful Shapes Line. The newest innovation from Nanoleaf features shape interoperability with Nanoleaf’s exclusive Connect+ technology, allowing users to connect different lighting shapes together – including Hexagons – for the first time ever.

Here’s how Nanoleaf co-founder and CEO Gimmy Chu describes the aim of Shapes:

“Nanoleaf’s vision for the Shapes Line is to give users the complete design freedom to create their most personal lighting experience yet. Smart lighting is about pushing the boundaries of possibility and that is exactly what we wanted to offer with our Shapes Line,” says Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf. “With the addition of Triangles and Mini Triangles, we’re allowing users to explore and combine lighting shapes like never before. Bringing together smart technology and thoughtful design, the Shapes Line leads the Smart Decor category for a lighting experience that truly has no limits.”

Nanoleaf says it has also improved the snap-on mounting system. Here’s how it looks to connect all the different Shapes (we’ve just got our hands on the new Shapes and will be sharing a review soon):

The new Shapes Triangles and Mini Triangles offer so many possibilities to customize your space and the new sizes make it easy to create everything from a subtle to bold experience. They also offer the same great features that the Shapes Hexagons include like Rhythm Music Sync, Screen Mirror, and are touch-enabled.

Note: The previous-generation of Nanoleaf Triangles are not compatible with the Shapes Triangles, Mini Triangles, and Hexagons.

You’ve got HomeKit as well as Google Assistant and Alexa support. That means you’ve got voice control, the physical controller, Apple’s Home app, as well as the Nanoleaf app (new version today) and the Nanoleaf Remote to control these modular lights.

True to the company’s commitment to make ease of use a top priority, the latest addition to the Shapes line will also include an update to Nanoleaf’s signature app. A new color picker will help take the RGB experience to the next level with a bigger and more intuitive interface that enables access to a wider range of colors and added palette ratios to further tune your color selection. This includes a new dashboard for easier access to all products and the removal of any unnecessary elements to give favorite features the spotlight. The new redesign will be much more intuitive, enabling users to perform any action without barriers.