Nest users can now enable two-step authentication for improved security

Nest is getting a nice security improvement today with an update that brings two-step authentication for user accounts and all of the company’s products.

We all know data security is a moving target. Technology keeps advancing, but so do the people who want to break into your email, your credit card or any other account they can get their hands on. But your home is your safe haven, where private information should stay private. So today we’re adding a new layer of security with the introduction of two-factor authentication.

Two-step (aka two or multi-factor) authentication, which many will already be familiar with as the tech has become somewhat standard among other Google services and other mobile app developers, allows users to have a second-layer of authentication beyond their user account name and password. With two-factor enabled, you get an access code sent via text message to a device you approve when attempting to login to your Nest account. That means if your password is ever compromised, someone wouldn’t be able to login without also having access to the approved device and the two-factor access code.

Starting today, you can enable two-step authentication for your Nest account through the latest versions of the Nest app by navigating to the menu icon in the top left corner and then selecting Account Security.

Nest says in its press release that it’s also been silently rolling out other security improvements over-the-air, noting that it’s “constantly tweaking and adjusting how we protect your data, as new technologies become available or we learn about new threats.”

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