New Apple headphones concept imagines HomePod-inspired design [Video]

Curved is out today with a fresh look at what Apple’s alleged high-end, over-ear headphones could look like. With a heavy dose of HomePod inspiration, touchscreen controls, wireless charging, and more, this concept by Martin Hajek goes all out.

The concept we saw for Apple’s rumored over-ear headphones last month was a bit clunky and looked like re-branded Beats headphones. However, Curved’s vision (translated) offers a sleeker, HomePod aesthetic with a minute long video.

The new concept offers a look at the headphones in both a space gray and white, just like HomePod. The outside of the ear cups features the same fabric as HomePod and even includes a touchscreen like HomePod on both sides, with this concept using one side for the HomePod Siri waveform and one for the classic six color Apple logo.

While some gestures would be easy to implement like skipping tracks, play/pause and more, volume would be a bit trickier on a touchscreen for headphones compared to how HomePod makes use of the + and – symbols.

Another sharp touch to the concept is the wireless charger to easily juice up these premium headphones. If and when Apple ends up shipping its over-ear headphones, they will likely include much less tech than this. However, it’s fun to imagine where Apple accessories could someday go.

Check out the video and gallery below.

What do you think of this concept? Do you like the idea of heavily HomePod inspired headphones? Share your thoughts and musings in the comments below!

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