New Apple TV has 2 GB RAM, consisted of 802.11 a/c WiFi is much faster than its Ethernet port

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On Apple’s public specs page, it says that the new Apple TELEVISION includes an A8 chip and that’s about it in regards to the bundled SoC. However, Apple’s designer documents enters into more detail specifically noting the hardware as having 2 GB RAM (through Steve Troughton-Smith). This indicates the internals are really better than the A8 in the iPhone 6 and latest-generation iPod touch, which just have 1 GB of RAM.

These are the specs Apple lists in the developer documentation:

The new Apple TV has the following hardware requirements:

64-bit A8 processor

32GB or 64GB of storage

2GB of RAM

10/100Mbps Ethernet

WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/ n/ac

1080p resolution


New Siri Remote/ Apple TELEVISION Remote

The updated RAM will help the Apple TELEVISION with improved video caching along with overall better performance playing games, opening apps and navigating the interface. Apple has likely made an exception to the norm and informed designers about the different RAM specifications so they don’t incorrectly theorize presumptions from the A8 in other Apple devices.

Also, rather amusingly, the new Apple TV still lacks gigabit ethernet. Whilst the internal WiFi has been updated to 802.11 air conditioning, the internal Ethernet is the same and maxes out at 100 megabits. This indicates if you want the very best dependability for streaming, you ought to actually utilize the newest WiFi to obtain linked instead of plugging in a cable television.

Surprisingly, the brand-new Apple TELEVISION has an internal identifier of 5,3. The last public Apple TV was 3,2 showing a reasonable few short internal modifications happened prior to they chose this version of hardware.

Some Apple TELEVISION owners may be dissatisfied that Apple has gotten rid of the optical audio port in this version. Audio is now only sent over the HDMI cable television in addition to the video. If you relied on the optical audio jack, you are now successfully out of luck if you want to purchase the new model … … unless you buy a splitter box that converts HDMI into HDMI and optical output.


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