New ARKit demo apps preview hair coloring, and a fun way to leave messages for kids [Videos]

Augmented reality looks set to have quite an impact on the beauty sector. After recently looking at a demo app for lipstick and other make-up, AR specialist ModiFace is back with a new demo app – this one allowing you to see how different hair colors would look before you take the plunge.

Using AI powered by analysing a staggering 220,000 hair color photos, the app shows in real-time video how your hair would look in any color of your choice …

You can look at yourself from all angles, including behind. Could be a handy way to avoid doing something you’ll regret!

When you watch the video (below) it’s amazing how well the app copes with the movement, the developers noting accurate hair-tracking as a key feature.

A less practical but equally cool app was one created by Zach Liberman, whose biography describes himself as ‘making art with code.’ He has a few AR examples out there, some of them a little on the esoteric side, but it struck me that one of them could be fun with kids.

You record some video as you move around, and your voice is turned into a visual representation of the sound. which then hangs in the air. Someone else using the app can track your movement and hear the message – both forwards and backwards.

I could definitely see some fun where you leave messages for kids – and maybe even some more practical ones like ‘tidy your room’ …

Finally, Liberman has also posted an example showing how ARKit constructs its 3D models in real time.

Check out all three videos below.

The second one starts with some random sounds, but keep watching for the spoken demo (make sure you switch sound on, obviously).

I’m loving all the fun ARKit demos. Do share your favorites in the comments.

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