New iOS 9 And OS X 10.11 Showcases In-depth

iOS 9 has been in the spotlight for fairly a long time now as WWDC 2015 draws near. With lots of reports floating around the Internet concerning iOS 9, a consensus seems to be developing that this update will hardly be an amazing one, unlike earlier iOS updates that have come around. Now we have brand-new functions being hinted at, which we can anticipate to see at the WWDC this year, including some for OS X 10.11.


Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac has actually been treating us with a fair bit of iOS 9 leaks this week, and today he points us at a few new functions which fans can anticipate to be unveiled by Apple at WWDC in June. Apart from these functions, we already understand Apple is focusing mostly on adding stability improvements to iOS and cleaning up on all existing bugs that linger around in its mobile OS.

Improved iCloud Drive

After that infamous incident where hackers were able to get private images of celebrities from iCloud, Apple is apparently dealing with to introduce a new process which would be offering much better security and faster syncing than many IMAP servers – – in brief: a much better and superior iCloud Drive. The new improvement “provides much better end-to-end encryption and faster syncing than traditional IMAP servers.”

Trusted Wi-Fi

With more and more Wi-Fi networks being discovered all around us now, and Apple being security and privacy conscious, the business is dealing with a new ‘‘ Trusted Wi-Fi’ function which will instantly carry out higher levels of file encryption on all untrusted wireless networks an iOS device is linked to.

Better Performance On Older Hardware

Apple is also dealing with a restructured “software application engineering procedure to better support older hardware,” making sure that iOS 9 is not slow on devices like the iPhone 4s, 5, first-gen iPad mini etc.

iMac MacBook Pro main

Control Center For OS X 10.11

OS X 10.11 will likewise be receiving some “system-wide user interface tweaks” constructing even more on the features introduced with iOS 8 in 2014. Another noteworthy modification – – or rather addition – – might be a brand-new Control Center which was teased in the earlier beta releases of OS X Yosemite, however was drawn back from the last release for factors unknown.

Apps Which Take Up Less Size

While Swift is currently being used for establishing iOS and OS X apps, Apple is on a drive to minimize the size of the applications being developed. A new and enhanced Swift code is being worked on for iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 which will help in reducing the sizes of apps on both the platforms – – excellent news for users who have devices with smaller sized internal memory.

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