Nostalgic concept imagines case that turns your Apple Watch into an original iPod [Gallery]

Remember the sixth-generation iPod Nano’s long-running popularity as an Apple watch before the official Apple Watch? Now, we’ve seemingly come full circle with a new concept that imagines turning your Apple Watch into a first-generation original iPod.

The concept was created by Joyce Kang of CO Design Lab and shared on Behance. Dubbed the ‘Pod Case,’ this design imagines slipping your Apple Watch Series 4 into an iPod-like sleeve with a click wheel and everything. Kang explains:

I have a designed a case reminiscent of the original iPod. It changes the form factor of the Apple Watch and provides a different user experience.

There are even cutouts for the Digital Crown and side button, as well as the ceramic back to ensure wireless charging would still be possible. There’s also an option strap along the side to ensure ultimate portability.

Of course, the click wheel itself wouldn’t actually function properly and is there purely for aesthetics, unless some Bluetooth trickery is performed. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting and nostalgic concept for fans of the original iPod’s design.

What do you think of this Apple Watch case? Let us know down in the comments and check out the full concept here.