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Obtain Older Versions Of iOS Apps By Fooling iTunes, Here’s How [Movie Guide]

Want to download an older history edition of one’s preferred iOS app for iPhone or iPad? Yes it’s legitimately feasible into installing older types of the apps by fooling iTunes you would like. Take a look at this extensive step-by- on the best way to just do that step guide.

We all have experienced it. We enjoy using an app just for the dev to push-out an update and destroy that preferred function of ours. This technique can help you circumvent that issue by allowing you to download back the older edition of the app that you simply liked applying.



  • Fiddler app mounted on Windows. The device is free and could be saved from telerik.com/download/fiddler.
  • Newest edition of iTunes installed.


Step 1: to start, launch Fiddler on your PC.

Step 2: Now press the Resources selection and select Fiddler Choices.

Step 3: Below, see a HTTPS bill at the most effective, and location a check mark alongside “Decrypt HTTPS traffic” and abide by it up by pressing Yes if your popup seems reading “Frightening Wording Forward!”.

Step 4: Now press the Steps switch and select Move Origin Certification to Pc. You’ll be informed the “FiddlerRoot.cer” certification document continues to be released towards the pc. Press okay, and subsequently okay again to obtain back again to the primary Fiddler software.

Step 5: Without leaving Fiddler, find the exported certificate document in your Pc and correct click onto it and then press Install Certification. Today press Subsequent followed closely by choosing place-all records within the subsequent store, and hitting the Search switch.

Step 6: in The resulting certification store list, choose Trusted Root Certification Experts and press okay.

Step 7: When The area is placed, press Subsequent and struck the End switch.

Step 8: Today launch iTunes, and be sure you’re-signed in together with your Apple identification

Step 9: look for the app which start installing and you intend to download the heritage edition, but stop and remove the download after it begins.

Find and step 10: Mind back again to Fiddler the installing product within the list that is packed. Them may often be recognized from the Sponsor title beginning with “iosapps.itunes…”. Correct-click it followed closely by Eliminate > Picked Periods. Alternately you are able to merely strike the Remove key in your keyboard.

Step 11: Today you have to find another item within the list, only above the deleted product, using the Sponsor identifier: p32-buy.itunes.apple.com. When The product is chosen and outlined, press the Personnel bill within the cell about the right.

Step 12: Now press the orange header that scans “Reaction is secured and might need decoding before examination. Click here to change”.

Step 13: Currently return to them you outlined and chosen in step 11, correct-click it, and understand to Save > Reaction and select Reaction Body….

Step 14: You’ll now be motivated therefore do this to truly save the XML document to some area of one’s choosing. It ought to be the Pc automagically.

Step 15: start the XML document using any browser and Currently return to the pc.

Step 16: Search right down to find the chain “softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers”, and just beneath it-you will discover a list of “<integer>(edition identifiers)</integer>” where edition identifiers represent each edition of the of the app that’s been launched about the App Store.

Note: while a greater quantity might signify a more recent version of the app There’s no actual method of coordinating the exterior identifiers towards the version of the app you intend to download, but usually an inferior identifier value matches to an older app edition.

Step 17: Backup the identifier, mind back again to Fiddler, right-click on the p32-buy.itunes.apple.com product recognized in step 11, choose Replay followed closely by Reissue and Modify.

Step 18: Today about the cell that is correct, be sure you’re-in the Personnel bill. Press Natural subscription-bill and correct below the “appExtVrsId” chain, substitute the present model identification using the one you replicated earlier. Once that’s completed, struck the inexperienced Work to Conclusion switch.

Step 19: Now press the XML bill within the lower-right cell.

Step 20: watch for XML information and a couple of seconds will be produced. Search listed below, for a chain comprising the app title followed closely by the smaller version identification of the app, as noticeable about the App Store, proceeded with a larger edition and look. This really is where you are able to really complement the exterior identifier you selected earlier, using rsquo & the app;s real in-store model number. T begin to see the edition you’re searching for, you&rsquo if you wear’ until you notice your preferred heritage edition of the app ll need to replicate from step 16.

Step 21: let’s assume that you’ve ultimately unearthed that specific edition of the app, mind back to iTunes, and start the comprehensive view of this app again, displaying the Obtain switch. DoN’t download however.

Step 22: Mind back again to Fiddler and in the menu bar, understand to Guidelines > Automated Breakpoints and select Before Demands.

Step 23: begin installing the app and Currently mind back to iTunes again.

Step 24: In Fiddler, you’ll observe some fresh products within the list about the remaining cell, followed closely by symbols that are red. Choose the one using the sponsor identifier: p32-buy.itunes.apple.com.

Step 25: Within The Natural take on the best cell, once more, substitute the identifier underneath the “appExtVrsId” chain using the same exterior identifier you ripped earlier in Step 17.

Step 26: Mind back again to the menu bar, understand to Rules  > Automatic Breakpoints, and select Handicapped followed closely by pressing the inexperienced Work to Conclusion switch.

Step 27: Now choose every other products shown using the red symbols and click the inexperienced Work to Conclusion switch.

ITunes should now download the heritage edition of the app you had been searching for, but ensure that you not leave iTunes or Fiddler prior to the app has completed downloading.

For that movie walkthrough of the tutorial above, check out this movie below.

(Source: Kenny Yin [YouTube])

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