Omotesando Apple Store reveals new design

Apple continues to upgrade its classic retail locations with the latest store features and Today at Apple-first design. Aligning with a broader national expansion, Japan’s iconic Apple Omotesando is the most recent store to receive a redesign.

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On Tuesday in Japan, Apple updated its retail website to tease two new store projects scheduled for 2019 and creative updates in Omotesando. While most of Japan’s existing Apple stores are old enough to require complete reconstruction, Apple Omotesando opened in June 2014, just five years ago. Like other stores with iconic architecture across the world, Apple is choosing to remodel rather than rebuild.

YouTuber Yota Suzuki shared photos with 9to5Mac of changes revealed at Apple Omotesando on July 30th. A full video walkthrough of the store will be posted soon, and we’ll update this post when it is live.

Upgrades to the store began this past May when the building’s ground level was retrofit with minor changes to allow the basement level to close for renovations. Now that remodeling has completed below ground, the store’s upper level has been covered with a decorative Apple logo while further construction progresses.