Opinion: The 2018 iPad Pro was one of the most futureproof computers ever made

Rumors have been swirling for a long time about the next-generation iPad Pro. Just a few weeks ago, Bloomberg reported that the 2021 iPad Pros will maintain the same design but gain new technologies, like an A14X chip and a Thunderbolt port. It’s slated to be a much more significant upgrade than last year’s 2020 iPad Pro was over the 2018 model. Many users, including me, couldn’t find a reason to upgrade last year, and I’m struggling with the idea that this year’s model won’t yield the same situation.

The 2020 iPad Pro is barely any different from the 2018 model. It gained a secondary camera, a LiDAR sensor and enabled a hidden GPU core. The real star of the show was the Magic Keyboard. Apple’s decision to make the Magic Keyboard compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro didn’t help the situation.

Apple knew back in 2018 that the introduction of those iPad Pros was a big deal. They went all out with a huge event in Brooklyn, New York. The company took over Downtown Brooklyn in the blocks around the Apple Store. They had some of the coolest promotional artwork plastered on the Brooklyn Academy of Music, different artistic interpretations of the Apple logo on flags hanging above the building that would hold the hands-on area, and even decorated the logo atop the Downtown Brooklyn Apple Store. Whatever was coming, it was clear at the time that it was going to be big.