Opinion: These are the 10 needs to update your old phone to iPhone 6S

Apple launches at least one brand-new iPhone every year, and the coverage has actually ended up being predictable: reviews (accurately) declare “the very best iPhone yet,” normally based upon “little however essential modifications that refine the user experience.”

Based on everything we understand about the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, you can anticipate the exact same story once again this year — — beginning with the required sigh of similarity that precedes the evaluation of every S design, and ending with the common recommendation to “go purchase one unless you can wait till next year.”


For expert factors, I have actually possessed every iPhone considering that the initial 2007 model, and updated each and every single year regardless of how small or huge the differences were between models. This year, for the first time, I sold my current-generation iPhone to make best use of the money I ‘d get towards the purchase of a brand-new design, and as an experiment, I got back to using the iPhone 5s (updated to iOS 9) to see whether any of the distinctions truly mattered. After a week with the old iPhone, I can’t await a new one: there are a great deal of reasons to choose Apple’s bigger, better 6-series phones. So if you’re on the fence about going from any iPhone 4/4S or 5/5s/5c to a new iPhone 6S, trust me, you’ll wish to prepare to update now…

… The following 10 reasons to upgrade from an older iPhone to the iPhone 6S aren’t necessarily in order of absolute value, but they’re in approximately the order that I observed the differences in between my iPhone 6 Plus versus the iPhone 5s.

  1. Screen Size Really Matters. As soon as you’ve used an iPhone with a 4.7″ ″ or 5.5 ″ screen for 2 or 3 days, your old iPhone will actually begin to feel and look like a toy. It’s exceptionally apparent with an iPhone 4/4S, but still apparent with the 5/5s/5c. Practically everyone who makes the switch to an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus remarks on this at some time, keeping in mind that they ‘d “never go back” to the smaller sized screen. Why? You’ll understand that you’re not squinting anymore. And you might likewise see that typing feels better — — you’ll get more accurate due to the fact that the keys are larger.
  2. Battery Life Is Extremely Much better. This is a remarkably big improvement, specifically on the “Plus” model. I went from constantly charging my 5s to never ever considering charging throughout the day (in some cases even in the evening) with the 6 Plus. Returning to continuous charging on the 5s was the greatest step in reverse for me, and a significant aspect weighing in the bigger Plus design’s favor. I’m expecting that the iPhone 6S will certainly beat the iPhone 6 in battery life.
  3. Touch ID Matters, And Apple Pay Is Great. I had not been a Touch ID fan or user on the iPhone 5s. It appeared almost meaningless in Apple’s very first application, and unless you locked your iPhone with a password, no faster than swiping to unlock. But in newer iPhones, the fingerprint scanner is visibly much faster and more reliable. Moreover, in-store Apple Pay is a terrific function, turning your iPhone into a nearly complete alternative for a wallet. According to reports, Touch ID will certainly are much faster and more reliable on the iPhone 6S, which might make swiping to open a distant memory.
  4. Cam Improvements Are Severe. Much better photography was the single greatest reason I sold my iPhone to update to the iPhone 6S. If you’re still using an iPhone 4 or 4S, you’ll see a huge jump updating to even the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but the iPhone 6S is extremely likely to include significant improvements to both the front and rear cams. This is likely to be the greatest resolution increase to the selfie-snapping front video camera in years, and the first jump in megapixels for the rear electronic camera since the iPhone 4S. Expect to see exceptional low-light performance, too.
  5. You’ll Notice Faster Speeds. Every year, Apple puts a newer, quicker processor into the newest iPhone, and even if the speed distinctions aren’t gigantic from year to year, they’re extremely noticeable between two-year updates. The iPhone 6S appears to be prepared for a big jump in processing power, along with a doubling of RAM that will let you enjoy more apps and web pages without the have to re-load. Even in between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, the improved app loading speed and 3-D performance are evident when you aim to get back from new to old. It’ll just be much better with the iPhone 6S.
  6. You May Not Required Your iPad Anymore. In between the larger screen, faster processing, and much better battery life, the iPhone 6 (and especially the 6 Plus) seriously undercut the value of iPad minis and even some full-sized iPads. Lots of iPhone 6 Plus users have actually reported that their iPads started to gather dust once they had a 5.5″ ″ screen to use on the iPhone. Depending upon the way you utilize your tablet, you may well agree.
  7. Split Screen iOS + Landscape Mode. The iPhone 6 Plus broadened the iPhone’s assistance for landscape-orientation apps, often letting the screen split in two panes and — — for the first — time — consisting of a landscape House Screen orientation. If you have actually ever felt like you didn’t want to hold your iPhone upright after passing the Lock Screen, you’ll find that the 6 Plus (and 6S Plus) make that a lot much easier than earlier iPhones.
  8. Apple Watch Support. Depending upon how old your iPhone is, you might find that the iPhone 6S is your first device with support for the Apple Watch. As fans of the Apple Watch will certainly attest, the iPhone is convenient for tracking your activity, adding Apple Pay cards and Passbook passes, and sharing all sorts of data with your wrist. Even if none of this appeals to you, support is there if you alter your mind in the future.
  9. Force Touch. My associate Mark Gurman has actually discussed how Force Touch on the iPhone 6S will let you take one-press faster ways through iOS apps that previously needed several presses and searching through menus. Apple will certainly information the function when the brand-new iPhone is unveiled next month, however you can safely anticipate to see very cool usages of a pressure-sensitive screen that will make conventional iPhone displays feel old.
  10. Color Options. Depending on the age of your iPhone, you may be upgrading from a white- or black-only design, a silver, gray, or gold design, or a plasticky design to the iPhone 6S. If rumors pan out, this will be the very first time an iPhone is available in pink metal — — otherwise you’ll have the capability to obtain the current tweaked gray, gold, and silver variants, this time made from a more durable aluminum alloy than previous iPhones.

I was thrilled enough about the upcoming S-series upgrades to trade in my iPhone ahead of the iPhone 6S launch, and have shared some tips here about how you can do the very same. If you bought an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in 2014, you’ll be OKAY holding back unless you’re as huge of a photography buff as I am, in which case you may wish to think of upgrading to the 6S. I’m quite sure that users of older iPhones are going to discover this year’s model really appealing.

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