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Origin Nexus 6P On Mac Or Windows OS X, Here’s How [Guide]

Seeking to root your completely new Nexus 6P Android 6.0 Marshmallow that is operating? You will be taken by us step within this guide detailed below -by- through the whole procedure step.

The guide continues to be divided into one for Mac OSX, one for Windows, and two areas.


Just how to origin Nexus 6P on Windows PC:


  • Nexus Origin Toolkit v2.1.0. You are able to download it from here.
  • A USBC to USBA wire to connect your Nexus 6P towards the PC.
  • Complete backup of Nexus 6P. Follow our Just How To totally backup your Android device on PC without root entry guide on the best way to achieve this.


Step 1: connect your phone towards the PC to start and launch the Nexus Origin Tooklit.

Step 2: NRT may now request you to choose your device. proceed and select Nexus 6P in the list, followed closely by the construct of the Android edition in your phone. Should you’re uncertain, press the Auto Detect System + Develop… button to instantly complete that info, and subsequently struck the Utilize switch.


Step 3: Next up, eliminate MTP in your phone, and you have to allow Hardware Debugging. To get this done, merely follow the on screen directions, as demonstrated within the screenshot.


Step 4: NRT may today demonstrate missing and accessible dependencies. Press Obtain + Update All Document Dependencies switch to download the necessary documents.


Step 5: When The documents have now been saved, nbsp & the Toolkit;can immediately launch. You have to uncover the bootlaoder, therefore do this by pressing the Uncover switch under “Uncover Bootloader”, and follow the on screen directions. (this can remove all consumer information about the phone.)


Step 6: Now press the Origin switch. Make certain Custom Restoration choice is examined aswell so the device also flashes a custom restoration for your phone after rooting it. Basically follow the on-screen NRT and directions is going to do the remainder instantly.

Just how to origin Nexus 6P on Macos X:


  • Obtain the fastboot documents for Macos X from here.
  • Obtain the Android SDK for Mac from here, and do the installation.
  • Get the most recent SuperSU from here.
  • Make certain Android edition is updated towards the newest& nbsp.
  • A USBC to USBA wire to connect your 6P to some Mac.
  • Totally back-up your Nexus 6P.


Step 1: to start, you have to put up the Android SDK in your Mac. Deploy the next deals:

Resources> Android SDK Resources, Android SDK System-tools
Accessories> Android Help Collection, Bing USB Driver

Step 2: Today plug-in your phone towards the Mac and ensure that you allow Hardware Debugging as defined in Step 3 of the Windows area above.

Step 3: Once completed,  nbsp & you;have to uncover the bootloader. Be informed nbsp & this;may remove your data all. To do this, launch the Final and enter the next order:

fastboot-mac sporting uncover

Step 4: whenever you visit a display in your phone requesting to verify this course of action, merely make use of the Quantity switches to understand to emphasize your preferred choice, and utilizing the power-button to pick it.

Step 5: Currently enter the next order in Final:

fastboot-mac restart

Step 6: Today you have to download the fisherman-mdb08k-boot.zip bundle that will be simply the altered boot.img apply for Nexus 6P. You will get it from here.

Step 7: Remove the bundle and backup over the document to the SDK installation area.

Step 8: Now duplicate the SuperSU bundle you saved in the Needs area above towards the cause of your phone’s interior storage.

Step 9: In Final on OSX, see a area where fastboot is and where you ripped the altered boot.img report, and subsequently enter the next order:

fastboot-mac flash trunk boot.img

Step 10: When The picture is exhibited, utilizing the Quantity and Energy switches about the phone, choose the Reboot Bootloader choice to trunk into TWRP restoration.

The SuperSU bundle you’d replicated towards the phone earlier is, merely flashed by step 11: Once in restoration style. Merely restart the phone and voila when the bundle is mounted! You’ll today start right into an atmosphere that is seated.

You are able to head-over to Google Perform and download any free origin examining app to determine if your phone has certainly been grounded to check whether you phone is clearly rooted or not.

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