Pad & Quill introduces leather coaster to prevent HomePod from damaging wooden surfaces

With a quick turnaround time, Pad & Quill is now offering a coaster for the HomePod, claiming “state of the art surface protection” for your wooden surfaces.

After numerous reports of HomePod marking wood surfaces yesterday, many may feel that Apple’s hardware quality has slipped. The company later published a support document stating that the only real fix would be to not place HomePod on wooden surfaces, which isn’t a good answer for a product that could allegedly be placed “anywhere”.

However, this new coaster from Pad & Quill, which is now available for pre-order for $19.95 aims to resolve this issue. Made of leather, it’s purpose is to protect your wooden surfaces from damage. It even pokes fun at the white ring that the HomePod creates by saying, “You’ll love it, but don’t put a ring on it.” To be fair, HomePod isn’t the only smart speaker to leave marks on wooden surfaces, Sonos is also having this issue.

The coaster is available in two colors, Whiskey and Chestnut and will be available starting as soon as next week.

Are you picking up a HomePod coaster? Does your HomePod leave marks on wooden surfaces? Let us know with a comment below!