Parallels Toolbox update includes Presentation Mode, video editing tools, and more

Parallels Toolbox, a component of popular macOS application that allows you to run Windows virtually on your Mac, has received a major update. New features include presentation and screenshot modes, quick resolution switching, and time-saving tools to download and edit videos. More details after the break.

Presentation Mode

Have you ever done a presentation, and a pesky notification shows up on the top right corner? Presentation mode fixes this by disabling notifications and alerts as a whole. In addition to this, it’ll also disable desktop icons, sleep mode, and even adjusts the resolution on your external display to properly fit your presentation. Parallels claims that getting into Presentation Mode takes less than 26 seconds, versus taking well over 5 minutes to get all of these settings and toggles adjusted.

Without Parallels Toolbox, you have to go in and turn on Do Not Disturb, disable sleep mode, and change the resolution of your external display. These are not in the same location in System Preferences, unfortunately.

Screenshot page

This option allows you to take a screenshot of the webpage you’re looking at, without pain. It only takes a few seconds and can take a full page or the current page you’re looking at. It will even save the screenshot to your desktop so there’s no hassle there, either.

Switching resolutions

Something we take for granted on macOS is switching resolutions. However, newer Macs with Retina displays are restricted to “Retina resolutions” so you’re not able to get the lowest or highest resolution possible because macOS only shows resolutions scaled at 2x.

With Parallels Toolbox, you can max out the resolution, albeit, it may be more difficult to read, or set it to the lowest resolution possible.

Editing videos

Editing videos, which is somewhat easy on macOS, can be simpler and more intuitive. In this new Parallels update, you’ll be able to edit GIFs, download YouTube videos, and convert videos. All without needing to open an app such as iMovie which is overkill for what you’re needing to do. Simply launch the convert video tool, and drag any video you want into the tool.

The update comes with a ton of other smaller updates, such as easily hiding your desktop, cleaning up your drive, and much more. Additional details about the update can be found here. A free trial is available and after that you’re looking at $19.99/year. Toolbox is available for both macOS and Windows.

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