Photos claim to show new 18W USB-C charger that will be bundled with the 2018 iPhones

Photos purporting to depict an engineering prototype of the rumored Apple 18 W USB-C charger, expected to be bundled with the 2018 iPhone and iPads have surfaced (via Macotakara). This charger is expected to come in the box with the new iPhones, in addition to a USB-C to Lightning cable, for customers to take advantage of fast-charging without having to buy additional accessories.

These images show the design of the new charger, although the labelling differs from Apple’s standard style. The 18 W power throughput is denoted, and the USB-C connector hole is clearly visible.

The earlier schematics leaks of this charger gave an impression that the new charger was relatively slimline. These photos depict a charger that looks relatively ‘fat’, though still small in overall volume.

Compared to the current 5W charger, the new 18 W design is an oval shape with the same style of super-ellipse rounded corners that has proliferated throughout Apple’s hardware and software design.

We would be careful to trust this pictures wholly without suspicion. The labelling is a little circumspect, and the design is not as sleek as the earlier schematics indicated.

Here’s the previous leaked drawings of this new charger, for US and Europe. The charger in these newly-leaked images is obviously a US plug. On the EU render, you can see the outline of the inner oval, which matches the photos.