Photos: Waterside Shops Apple Store reopens with new design

Apple’s retail store at Waterside Shops in Naples, Florida has reopened with a larger footprint and an all-new design. The store was temporarily closed and completely reconstructed over the past year to suit the evolving needs of customers and Apple’s growing retail plans. The new Apple Waterside Shops brings Apple’s latest store concepts to Southwest Florida for the first time.

Waterside Shops is a sunny outdoor mall aptly named for its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and its canopied walkways arranged around a set of decorative outdoor pools. It was under one of those low-slung canopies on the mall’s east side that Apple opened its original compact storefront in March 2007. Stainless steel panels cut to fit an oversized eye-level Apple logo offset the store’s glass entrance.

The original space has been demolished, taking with it an adjacent storefront to make way for an exemplary modern Apple Store. Apple Waterside Shops now faces the mall’s exterior and Tamiami Trail. A row of fresh palm trees and ground cover softens the border between the driveway and a series of stone benches in front of the store.

Photos courtesy of Iven Tenz

Wood planking, precise stone blocks, and nine glass panels combine in a facade that unifies the design language between some of Apple’s top flagship stores and more modest mall locations. Apple Waterside Shops is only the fourth store in the United States modeled around the same template. A lone backlit Apple logo cut into the stone of the building’s south wall approximates the position of the original stainless steel logo.