Pixelmator Pro adds machinelearning powered cropping tool, redesigned Paint and Type tools

The Pixelmator team today released the latest free update to its image editor for Mac, Pixelmator Pro. The new update includes an ML Crop feature which automatically suggests a refined framing based on the subject in the canvas. There are also a bunch of other changes, including major updates to the Paint brush and Type text tools.

ML Crop makes it super easy to get a striking composition out of a source image. You can use the machine-learning suggestion directly or adjust it to match your intent. To help get just the right look, overlays for Rule of Thirds, Golden Spiral and other alignment guides are availably directly from the Crop Tool. Pixelmator should also be much more performant at the act of cropping, particular on documents with many layers.

The Type tool and Paint tool palettes have been redesigned to bring more controls to the fore. For instance, the Type tool now includes adjustments for text size, character spacing, baseline shift and ligature controls right up front. The Paint tool features a brush browser, and you can search for brushes by name.

They have also added a Stroke with Brush feature that lets you use brush strokes instead of a simple border, on any late or selection.